UOW Art Collection

Herbert Flugelman

1923 Born in Vienna Austria.
1938 Arrived in Australia.
1947-50 Student at National Art School, East Sydney Technical College, Sydney.
1951-55 Travelled and worked in England, Europe and the U.S.A.
1961-72 Taught at Gymea, Kogarah and East Sydney Technical Colleges.
1968-72 University of Sydney -Tutor in charge of Fine Arts Workshop and Studio.
1973-83 Lecturer, South Australian School of Art, Adelaide College of the Arts and Education, Head of Sculpture. Lecturer, City Art Institute, Sydney.
1984-90 Senior Lecturer, School of Creative Arts, University of Wollongong. Fellow of the University of Wollongong.
1991 Professorial Fellow, University of Wollongong.
1995 Doctorate of Creative Art (Honoris Causa).
1997 Australia Council, Visual Arts/Craft Fund Emeritus Award.

One-Person Exhibitions
1954 Piccadilly Gallery, London: Paintings.
1954 Barone Gallery, New York: Paintings.
1956/58 Macquaire Gallery, Sydney: Paintings.
1960/64/67 Macquarie Gallery, Sydney: Paintings.
1969 Bonython Gallery, Sydney: Ceramic Sculpture.
1971 Strines Gallery, Melbourne: Sculpture and Ceramics.
1972 Watters Gallery, Sydney; Sculpture and Prints.
1973 Llewellen Gallery, Sydney and Adelaide: Sculpture and Prints.
1974 Art Gallery, Adelaide:Sculpture and paintings.
1975 Solander Gallery, Canberra: Sculpture and Painting.
1975 Collectors Gallery, Perth: Sculpture and Paintings.
1975 Gallery "A", Sydney: Sculpture and Paintings.
1984 Macquarie Galleries, Sydney: Sculpture and Paintings.
1986 Macquarie Galleries, Sydney: Sculpture and Paintings.
1988 Wollongong City gallery: Drawings and Prints.
1988 Solander Gallery, Canberra: Sculpture, Prints and Drawings.
1988 Irving Sculpture Gallery, Sydney: Sculpture.
1989 BMG Gallery, Adelaide: Sculpture and Drawings.
1991 Sherman Gallery, Sydney: Drawings and Monotypes.
1992 Greenaway Gallery, Adelaide: Sculpture and Paintings.
1993 School of Creative Arts, University of Wollongong: Proposals, Drawings and Maquettes.
1995 Wollongong City Gallery: Sculture, Prints, Paintings, Maquettes and Drawings.
1997 Greenaway Gallery, Adelaide: Sculpture.

Group Exhibitions
1964/67 Mildura Sculpture Triennial.
1965 Arts Council Travelling Exhibition: Sculpture.
1966 Transfield Sculpture Prize Exhibition.
1968 The South Australian Sculpture Prize Exhibition.
1969 Comalco Sculpture Award Exhibition.
1970/73/75 Mildura Sculpture Triennial.
1971 Optronic Kinetics, Reality Gallery, Melbourne. Optronic Kinetics, Inhibodress, Sydney.
1971 Marland House Exhibition, Melbourne.
1973 Sculpture Survey, Realities at Como, Melbourne.
1973 Contemporary Australian Painting and Sculpture, New Zealand.
1974 Contemporary Art Society Exhibiton, Newcastle.
1975 Australia 75, Canberra.
1975 McCoughy Invitation Exhibition, Melbourne: Paintings.
1976 Thinking on Paper, CAS Adelaide, Exhibition of Drawings.
1976 Twentieth Tasmanian Art Gallery Exhibition: Sculpture.
1977 Project 19, Some Recent Art in Adelaide, Art Gallery of NSW.
1978 Mildura Sculpture Triennal.
1979 McCoughy Invitation Exhibitions, Paintings, Melbourne.
1980 Sculpture Triennal Melbourne.
1981 Art Gallery of S.A., Drawings.
1984 50 Years in Deya, Mallorca, Spain: Paintings.
1986 School of Creative Arts, Staff Exhibition, University of Wollongong.
1986 Kangroovian Funk Exhibition, Art Gallery of S.A.
1986 Expatriates and Exiles, Festival Centre, Adelaide.
1987 Irving Winter, Sculpture Gallery, Sydney.
1988 Mildura Sculpture Triennal.
1988 Staff Exhibiton, University of Wollongong.
1988 Figtree Exhibition, University of Wollongong.
1988 Society of Sculptors Exhibition, Sydney.
1989/90 Sculptors at the Table, Travelling Exhibition: Craft Centre Gallery, Sydney;
Orange Regional Gallery; Wollongong City Gallery.
1993 Exhibition of Contemporary Art by Jewish Artists in Australia, Westpac Gallery, Melbourne.
1993 Catalysts, Recasting Public Art, Nolan Gallery, Canberra.
1993 Luminaries (Monash University), Sculpture Triennial, Melbourne.
1994 Solander Gallery, Canberra.
1995 Altos Cruz Gallery, Sculpture Exhibition, Adelaide.
1998 Sculpture Forum, Canberra.

1958 Royal Easter Show, Sydney, Painting.
1967 Royal Easter Show, Sydney, Sculpture.
1967 Mildura Sculpture Award.
1968 Royal Easter Show, Sydney, Sculpture.
1983 The Maude Vizard-Wholohan Purchase Award.

1962 High Relief Sand Panels cast in Concrete, A.O.R. Kurnell, NSW.
1964 Cast Bronze Sculpture, University of NSW.
1966 Welded Copper and Mosaic Fountain, ANU, Canberra.
1973 Stainless Steel Sculpture, Festival Hall, Adelaide.
1977 Stainless Steel Sculpture, Rundle Mall, Adelaide.
1977/82 Stainless steel Cones, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra.
1978 Stainless Steel Sculpture, Martin Place, Sydney.
1978/79 Stainless Steel Sculpture, Belconnen, Canberra.
1985 Stainless Steel Sculpture, University of Wollongong.
1985 Stainless Steel Sculpture, Penrith Regional Gallery.
1988 Stainless Steel Sculpture, Lawrence Hargrave Memorial Wollongong.
1988 Three Sculptures, Melbourne Hotel Development.
1995/96 Stainless Steel, Granite, Bronze, Sandstone Sculpture, Private Collection.

Adelaide Festival Centre.
Art Gallery of South Australia.
Brisbane Commonwealth Law Courts Building.
Comalco Collection.
Geelong Art Gallery.
Lewers Bequest and Penrith Regional Art Gallery.
Mildura Art Gallery.
National Gallery of Australia.
Orange Regional Gallery.
Parliament House Art Collection.
Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, Launceston.
Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.
The University Gallery, Launceston.
University of Adelaide.
University of NSW.
University of Western Australia, Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery.
University of Wollongong.
Wollongong City Gallery.
Private Collections in Australia, Canada, England, Italy, Austria, Sweden , and the U.S.A.

Black box, Enviromental Instillation, 1968.
Formed "Optronic Kinetics" with David Smith and Jim McDonnell, 1970 ( Members Inhibodress Alternative Exhibition Space).
Feathered Office, Enviromental Installation, 1971.
Cubed Tree, Enviromental Insallation, 1971.
Edition of Prints for Print Council of Australia. Earth Work, 1975, Commonwealth Park, Canberra.
Enviromental Sculpture for Townsville as Bi-centennial Event 1988 with T.Pryor and P.Blizzard.
Artist-in-Residence, School of Arts, University of South Australia, 1991
Archive established at Literaturhaus in Vienna, Austria, 1994.
PhD Thesis on work researched and written by Sabine Simonides, Graz, Austria.

Publications and Film
Dec 1966 Cover of W.A. Teachers Journal.
Dec 1970 Art International.
July/Aug1971 Studio International.
April 1972 Cover of Architecture in Australia.
Winter 1974 Art in Australia, Sept 1974 Art Forum.
1975 Colour film for Australia Council Australia, Vol III, No.2, Cover and
Article Colour Film for A.N.C. Broadcast for A.B.C. ( interview)
Spring 1975 Art in Australia.
1977 Rowe, Ron, Modern Australian Sculpture, Rigby Ltd.
1978 Bulletin of the Art Gallery of South Australia, vol. 36 Sturgeon, Graeme,
The Development of Australian Sculpture 1788-1975, Thames and Hudson.
June 1979 Preview, Vol 2, No.3 "Berts Reflections", Terry Jennings Summer 1979
Art International, Vol 23 Film for South Australian Film Commission: "Flugelman, Public Sculptor".
1980 Scarlett, Ken, 'Australian Sculptors", Nelson.
1985 Art In Australia.
1987 Art Monthly. Cover of Australian Higher Education, Cover of Wollongong University Campus News.
1988 Bulletin of the Sculptors Society Strauss to Mathilda, Wenkart Foundation, Sydney.
1989 Cover of Artlink, Art in Public issue Change and Approximation, The Jacaranda Press, Math Text Book About Art, Science Press.
1990 - 1975 Film releases to to Education Institutions and Resource Centres Artists Profiles, Herbert Flugelman, Published by Contemporary Art Resources.
1991 Sturgeon, G: Contemporary Australian Sculpture, Craftsman House, Sydney. Broinowski, Allison: The Yellow Lady, Oxford University Press (Sculpture, Tattooed Lady, Cover of paperback).
1993 Scarlett, Ken: Contemporary Sculpture in Australian Gardens, G and B Arts International.
1995 Kenyon, Therese: "Under a Hot Tin Roof- A history of the Tin sheds Art Workshop",
State Library of New South Wales in conjunction with Power Publications.
University of Sydney Cover of Outlook, University Alumni Magazine, University of Wollongong.
Documentary film for SBS "Imagine", produced and directed by Richard Moore. Hedger,
Micheal: Public Sculpture in Australia, Craftsman House.
1996 Contemporary Australians, Reed Reference Australia. Melville, Sue and Robinson, Julie: Australian Art and Artists, Science Press.

Membership of Boards and Committees
Founder of the Bert Flugelman Trust ( known as the Australian Visual Artist Trust).
Foundation Member of the Experimental Art Foundation.
Foundation Member, South Australian Workshop, Adelaide.
Member of Arts /Craft Advisory Board, Adelaide.
Served on Visual Arts Board Committees.
Kiama and District Arts Festival Committee.
Accreditation Committee of the Higher Education Board for Bachelor of Arts Degree.
Newcastle College of Advanced Education, October 1987.
Member of Judging panel for Institute of Architects, 1988.

Last reviewed: 10 September, 2009