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Derek Kreckler

The School of the Arts, English and Media (TAEM) is one of the few multi-disciplinary schools in the country that encompasses both pure and applied research across the visual, performing and media arts, creative writing, English and journalism, as well as their interdisciplinary variants. Its mission is to inspire creative thinking, learning and art practices through a nationally significant, multi-disciplinary education and research in contemporary creative arts. TAEM continues to play an important and visible role in this robust research environment. Its focus on multidisciplinary intersections such technological and theoretical skills, project management capabilities, professional links and the fostering of deeper creative explorations are profoundly connected to scholarship, recognising the key role that creative and performing art practices can play in the contemporary Australian research environment. Achievements in these areas can be characterised in terms of their standing in both national and international arenas, evidenced through ongoing recognition from the Australian Government’s arts funding and advisory body, the Australia Council for the Arts, in the form of Fellowships, studio residencies and project funding, and a range of quality artistic outcomes undertaken in peer-reviewed or equivalent venues and fora.

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Image: Derek Kreckler (2011) “untitled” (detail), series Big Wave Hunting 2011

Last reviewed: 15 August, 2018