An Honours Production
Writer: Marius von Mayenburg
Translator: Maja Zade
Director: Steffanni Gardener (BCA Hons candidate)
Supervisor: Tim Maddock
Cast: Breanne Hickey, Rachel Bardwell, Josh Ball and Glyn Megarrity

In Marius von Mayenburg’s plays, dreams and reality are very closely linked and social existence is an endangered construction - Maja Zade

True to Marius von Mayenburg and his transmogrifying style, Perplex is partly comedic, partly tragic and always absurd. The premise of this play is simple: Create new rules and smash the old ones.

Four characters are lost and found, born and reborn again and again and again in this fast-paced tussle between fiction and reality. The characters are exposed as bourgeois stereotypes and confronted by their own status as characters, moving between consciousness and unconsciousness in equal measure. Perplex takes the natural out of Naturalism and makes it strange, questionable and… perplexing.

In an attempt to combat the loss of their director, the characters turn to philosophy, cruelty and partner swapping to help them navigate the terrain between action and inaction, between character and self and especially between the fourth wall and the audience. The actors tip toe the thin line between these polarities until they just about disappear entirely.

Marius von Mayenburg is one of Germany’s most prominent playwrights. His plays including The Ugly One, The Stone, Perplex and Martyr, have been translated into over thirty languages and have been performed in Germany and around the world. Alongside his activities as playwright, Mayenburg has worked as a translator for plays by writers such as Shakespeare, Martin Crimp and Sarah Kane. He is also a prolific theatre director.

Warnings: nudity and course language

Thursday 16 – Saturday 18 November 2017, 8.00pm
Backstage Hope, Bld 40.G71
University of Wollongong

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 Perplex -  Invitation

Last reviewed: 15 November, 2017