Cast and snippets from Jean Cocteau’s Orphee
Devised by Angela Berzeviczy, Joshua Chicharo, Megan Cracknell, Bonnie Cowan, Bella Dunne, Jeannetta Evans, Jacob Fleming, Maggie Haigh, Victoria Lee, Rosemary Miller, Louisa Raft and Bethany Skinner.
Directed by Linda Luke
Featuring 3rd year Bachelor of Creative Arts (Theatre) students

 Life is a horizontal fall - Jean Cocteau

Inspired by surrealist French filmmaker Jean Cocteau, PLUNGE spins a compelling new tale inspired by iconic legends Orpheus and Eurydice. Delving into all the meta-themes of tragic drama but with a contemporary burn: an opera diva, a marriage proposal, a fall from grace, love, grief and the liminal zone between death and life - a place where the arrow of time can be reversed. Can you restore what is already broken? Or should we, like Cocteau, embrace the inevitable? 

Drawing from Cocteau’s stunning 1950’s film ‘Orpheus’, utilising video to create the scenography and combining dynamic movement scores with texts written by the cast and snippets from Cocteau’s screenplay, PLUNGE presents a collage of ideas to harness and develop contemporary performance practice. 

Theatre Fellow and director, Linda Luke has been a dancer and performance maker since 1997. She has made a number of solo works that have been presented in Australia and in Los Angeles. Her most recent solo production Still Point Turning premiered at Melbourne International Arts Festival in 2014. Since 2004, she has performed in numerous productions for Sydney based dance company De Quincey Co. Other credits include; directing four major productions for University of Wollongong, assistant director for A Midsummer Nights Dream in Greece in 2000, and director for The Comedy of the Fly, which won the Green Room Award for Best Actor at the Melbourne Fringe Festival in 2003.  Linda’s core physical practice is grounded in Bodyweather, a methodology that synthesises eastern and western dance and theatre traditions, founded by Japanese choreographer/ dancer Min Tanaka.

7 - 10 October 2015 @ 8pm
Performance Space, 25.168
School of the Arts, English & Media UOW

Tickets: $20 Full, $12 Concession , $10 TAEM Students


Last reviewed: 28 September, 2015