Why Study With Us?

Why study with us?

Learn by doing

UOW offers you a dynamic and progressive education that connects hands-on experience with critical reflection. Practice-based subjects are undertaken in tandem with theoretical ones that explore the history of your chosen field. This combination gives students an advantage after graduation when they’re working in the creative industries – they have experience in their discipline plus they understand its context. Here at UOW, we’re not here to teach you what you need to know and send you on your way. Our aim is to help you build your voice, help cultivate your identity and style from day one of your degree. The rest is up to you.

Creative space

The UOW campus offers you the facilities you’ll need to develop your creative skills. We have specialist equipment and teaching spaces – computer labs for Design, theatres for Performance, studios for the Visual Arts and workshop spaces for Creative Writing. All of this is located in a natural bushland setting at the UOW main campus. Our Digital Media Centre at the Innovation Campus offers state of the art teaching and technical facilities for digital film- making, digital photography, film and TV studio practice, editing, animation and media arts. Backstage Hope is a working rehearsal space with equipment for theatre productions, including a walk-on lighting mezzanine and sound and video control room.  Where do you see yourself finding your zone? 

New ideas and inspirations

You’ll be studying with likeminded students committed to the Arts. You’ll have the opportunity to work with students from a wide range of disciplines, building the foundations for strong friendships. These friendships will provide inspiration to your creative work and provide a professional network once you leave University.  Your fellow students will also be the people you collaborate with in your third year of studies when you get to promote, present and celebrate your final works.  

Our staff are professionals in their fields

You’ll be taught by staff who are professional writers, artists, designers, performers and directors - many of which have media and industry experience. Throughout your degree, you’ll be encouraged to develop the creative and critical skills needed to pursue a profession in your chosen field.  Who better to learn from than those who know what it takes to cut it in the industry?  They know how to prepare you for the industry because they work in it.  They will give you valuable insight into the rapidly changing creative industries sector, teach you practical skills and offer advice and support about how to navigate your future. 

Create your own degree

You will benefit from being part of a Faculty that’s recognised for its excellence, innovation and flexibility. You will also be able to use electives and minor studies to tailor your degree to your interests and ambitions. A degree in Theatre for instance, might be supported by a minor in Media Arts or Creative Writing, while someone undertaking a degree in Visual Arts and Design might want to pick up electives in Digital Media and Professional Writing.  You can develop skills in your chosen major area of study while enhancing your ideas and knowledge with a group of subjects in another area eg Marketing and Journalism. What about adding some Music or Photography to the mix? A language might open up your international opportunities. Your degree doesn’t have to stop here. Explore your interests and take up cross-disciplinary subjects relevant to your degree. After all this is your future – own it. You can even choose from a range of double degrees. Whatever your interest, UOW allows you to make it work by turning you into a multi-skilled professional.

We produce leaders, changemakers and innovators

Success in media, communications and the Creative Industries involves a high level of awareness about what is going on around us.  It’s all about context.  More importantly though, being able to comment, step up and make sense of our environment is what will set you apart and what we focus on at UOW. We want you to have a voice, your own style and zest for quality output as well the substance to back up what you believe in. We have an evolving focus to stay relevant to new developments and keep you abreast of what will make you successful as a graduate. You will not only be equipped to land a job, but also have an interest in the implications of your work and possess professional standards and values. 

Diverse and innovative career options

Our graduates get jobs. Our graduates even create jobs that don’t exist yet. Our students carve out their own niche careers which cross boundaries, industry sectors and disciplines.  We put this down to the fact that our UOW degrees teach you to critically think, analyse, listen and innovate. Set your own heights and beat them.  We will encourage you to be adaptable in the application of what you learn and how to go after what you want.  UOW is just the beginning. 

Last reviewed: 10 July, 2018