Dr David Blackall

Position: Senior Lecturer, Journalism
BSc (Agric), Dip Ed, MA (Jour), PhD
+ 61 2 4221 3864


David Blackall's research is a blend of filmmaking, investigative journalism and traditional academic publication. Recently though, he has taken a renewed interest in science education after biologist and University of Wollongong academic Dr Katarina Mikac began conducting ecological research with her Masters of Science students at 'Nadjunuga', David Blackall's Wildlife Refuge. His collaboration with various organisations, like the Australian Lawyers Alliance, in the process of investigating fraud - has produced publications like the ABC 7.30 story "Leaked documents create tension around Trio collapse" (broadcast April 2013). This arose from his community outreach to many Wollongong people who lost their life savings.

Research Interests

Documentary filmmaking, cinematography and networked-community investigative journalism.

Ecological science and its pedagogy, conducted at ‘Nadjunuga’ Wildlife Refuge, a previous University of Wollongong science research field station.

  • Blackall, D. & Sykes, J. "The Trio Capital fraud and its victims: a study in freedom of information legislation failure." FOI 10 Years On: Freedom Fighting or Lazy Journalism?. 1 ed. Ed.T. Felle & J. Mair. London: Abramis, 2015, 223-232.
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  • Mclaren, N. & Blackall, D. R.. The Food Barn. Sydney: Broadcast on the ABC "Stateline" program on 29 November, 2008. 
  • Lost Innocents of Kashmir 
  • 2011 World Premier: Raindance Film Festival, London.
  • 2011 North American Premier: Rencontres internationales du documentaire de Montréal (RIDM).
  • 2012 Kashmir in Poetry Festival, Genova.
  • 2012 Genoa, with Naseem Shafaie's poetry.
  • 2013 IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival, Bulgaria

Potential Topics for HDR & Honours Supervision


Recent Awards and Fellowships

Cited in "Busting the boiler room", March 28, 2016, by Nick Miller, Sydney Morning Herald Europe Correspondent. 

Quoting Nick Miller, Sydney Morning Herald Europe Correspondent: "Investigative journalist David Blackall says he was one of the founders of Trio Capital, the company behind Australia's biggest superannuation fraud, and listed in the FBI White Collar Crime program." 

Professional Membership

ARC Linkage 2004 to 2007, summarised in Blackall, D., Lockyer, L. & Harper, B. "Making News Today: a tool for adoption of ethics principles using technology‐supported television journalism." Learning Media and Technology 36 .3 (2011): 277-294. 

Last reviewed: 16 June, 2017