Tanja DreherDr Tanja Dreher

Position: Senior Lecturer, Communication and Media    Studies (ARC Future Fellow)
Location: 19.2022
Telephone:      +61 2 4298 1219

  • 2006 PhD in Media Studies, Centre for Cultural Research, University of Western Sydney
  • 2001 Advanced Diploma in Applied Aboriginal Studies, Tranby Aboriginal College
  • 1997 Master of Arts (Journalism), University of Technology Sydney
  • 1993 Bachelor of Arts, University of Sydney


Dr Tanja Dreher is a Lecturer in Media and Communications, specialising in International Communications and media and multiculturalism. Dr Dreher’s research focuses on the politics of listening in the context of media and multiculturalism, Indigenous sovereignties and feminisms and anti-racism. Tanja is a co-convenor of The Listening Project exploring the practices, technologies and politics of listening as political practice. Tanja’s particular interest lies in listening across difference and the politics of recognition in listening for media justice. Her previous research has focused on news and cultural diversity, community media interventions, experiences of racism and the development of community anti-racism strategies after September 11, 2001. Tanja has worked closely with diverse communities in western Sydney through collaborative research with Arab and Muslim communities and with media and community arts organisations.  Dr Dreher has previously worked as ARC Postdoctoral Fellow and as the Research Manager at the UTS Shopfront community engagement program.

Areas of Expertise

Media and Multiculturalism
Media Theory
Global Media, International Communications
Identity and Difference
Community, Indigenous and Alternative Media
Racism and anti-racism after September 11, 2001
Muslims and the Media
Intersectional analyses

Research Profile

Current Research Projects

Listening Across Difference: Media and Multiculturalism Beyond the Politics of Voice

Research and policy on media and cultural diversity routinely emphasise speaking or 'voice', whether in mainstream, community or diaspora media. Tanja Dreher’s current research extends these discussions to focus on questions of 'listening'. Drawing on recent work in postcolonial feminism and political theory, the research explores the productive possibilities of a shift beyond the politics of voice to explore 'listening across difference' in media studies and media advocacy work. Case studies of ‘listening interventions’ include community media ‘listening spaces’, ‘eavesdropping with permission’ and media practices beyond media as examples of the transformative potential of political listening for developing multicultural media.

Listening for Media Justice

This emerging research agenda considers the ways in which recent attention to political voice and a turn to 'listening' might offer productive resources for research and practice aimed at media justice in global, mainstream, community and alternative media.

Ripple Effects: Ice (Information Cultural Exchange) and Cultural Citizenship in Western Sydney

An ARC Linkage Project with partners The Australia Council, Arts NSW and ICE (Information Cultural Exchange), an innovative new media and community arts organisation in Western Sydney. Dr Dreher’s research examines the patterns of recognition and uneven ‘listening’ generated by community arts and digital storytelling projects, focusing on ‘going public’ at launch and screening events and the shifting nature of community media in culturally diverse communities.

Recent Publications

Searchable RIS publications from 2000 to date

Edited books and journals

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Refereed journal articles 

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Book chapters 

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Research monographs (refereed)

  • Dreher, T (2006) ‘Whose Responsibility? Community antiracism strategies in NSW after September 11, 2001, UTS Shopfront Research Monograph Series No 3, University of Technology, Sydney ePress
  • Dreher, T (2005) ‘Targeted’: experiences of racism in NSW after September 11, 2001 UTS Shopfront Research Monograph Series No 1, University of Technology, Sydney ePress

Refereed conference papers

  • Dreher, T and J Mowbray (2012) The power of one on one: Living Libraries and the challenges of antiracism work UTS Shopfront Research Monograph Series No 7, University of Technology, Sydney ePress
  • Dreher, T. 2008, 'Media, multiculturalism and the politics of listening', Australian and New Zealand Communication Association Conference, Wellington, New Zealand, July 2008 in ANZCA08: Power and Place: Refereed Proceedings of the Australian & New Zealand Communication Association Conference, ed Dr Elspeth Tilley, Department of Communication, Journalism & Marketing, Massey University, pp. 1-14.
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Other non-refereed publications

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Web resource

The Listening Project: a program of research collaboration that has brought together Australian cultural and media scholars, practitioners and activists interested in the theme of ‘listening’, an emerging international focus in Media Studies and citizens’ media interventions.

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