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Women of Impact

Forty-one outstanding academic women from UOW have been recognised for their achievements as part of the UOW Women of Impact initiative, part of the 40 Years of Research Impact.

UOW Women of Impact is inspired by the Science in Australia Gender Equity (SAGE) pilot and a number of other initiatives the University is undertaking to review, assess and improve gender equality.

The following LHA academic staff were recognised as part of the initiative.

Associate Professor Bronwyn Carlson
School of Humanities and Social Inquiry

From empowering research students, developing challenging curriculum, undertaking research for social change, to developing deep connections with academics from around the world, Associate Professor Bronwyn Carlson is driven to open up prospects for future Indigenous scholars.

Associate Professor Marett Leiboff
School of Law

Associate Professor Marett Leiboff investigates how the non-legal formation of a lawyer affects and influences their practices and legal interpretations.

Professor Vera Mackie
School of Humanities and Social Inquiry

Illuminating the relationship between academic scholarship and social transformation motivates the work of Professor Vera Mackie, one of the leading international scholars of Asian history, gender and sexuality studies and cultural studies.

Her body of work on the history of feminism in Japan and on transnational feminism has been influential, leading to international invitations to present keynote addresses and contribute to reference works. 

Associate Professor Julia Quilter
School of Law

As a leading expert on criminal law and justice, Associate Professor Julia Quilter has been pivotal to debate about new laws aimed at curbing alcohol-related violence.

Professor Nan Seuffert
School of Law

As Director of the Legal Intersections Research Centre (LIRC), Professor Seuffert’s primary research and teaching area is in intersectionality in the law, studies of the law, gender, race and sexuality. Her secondary focus is on financial regulation.

Professor Seuffert is currently conducting research on refugee and asylum seeker law and policy, contract law and history, domestic violence and the law.  

Professor Susan Turnbull
School of the Arts, English and Media

Professor Turnbull’s contemporary research, funded by an Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery grant, explores what these television crime series tell us about the cultures in which they were produced, the social issues of law and order that matter in that culture, and what value these series have for the creative team that produced them and their global audiences. 

Professor Robin Warner
Australian National Centre for Ocean Research (ANCORS)

Robin Warner is an international legal scholar whose principal expertise lies in the fields of law of the sea and environmental law, particularly in the maritime context.

Professor Warner’s research and teaching contributes directly to environmental sustainability at global, regional and national scales.

Last reviewed: 13 July, 2016