School of Liberal Arts

School of Liberal Arts

The School of Liberal Arts was founded in 2019. It offers an original and distinctive liberal arts program through which our students will engage with a carefully curated selection of some of the greatest works of thought and art ever produced. It is historically rich yet forward-looking in focusing firmly on contemporary concerns and questions. In creating opportunities for respectful conservations between Western and non-Western traditions of thought and art, it answers to the needs of a multi-cultural 21st century.

The spirit of Western civilization is the spirit of inquiry ... Nothing is to remain undiscussed. Everybody is to speak [their] mind. No proposition is to be left unexamined. Robert M. HutchinsThe Tradition of the West

Study a Bachelor of Arts in Western Civilisation

Our flagship Liberal Arts degree includes a bespoke curriculum for high achieving and intellectually curious students that corresponds directly with the changing nature of life in the 21st Century.

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