FAQ's For Legal Studies (LAW) Students

The School of Law offers subjects for non-LLB (Bachelor of Laws) students.  The majority of students who undertake these subjects are enrolled in courses offered by the Faculty of Business. 

FAQ 1:  I have a ‘Provisional’ enrolment status in an LAW subject and SOLS messages tell me I have to get this fixed or I will be removed from the subject.  What do I do?

If you have enrolled into a subject, and it is showing a 'provisional' status in SOLS, it means you have not satisfied all requirements to enrol in that subject . If you think you have grounds for a waiver, you can apply via SOLS.

It is unusual for LAW101 (or LAW960 for MPA students) to be waived as a pre-requisite. The only case where this is normally permitted is where students are able to show evidence of completion of other legal studies at a tertiary (university) level. It is advisable to make an appointment to see the Legal Studies Adviser if there are any particular circumstances, issues or questions you have about your enrolment in the subject.

More information about provisional enrolment >

FAQ 2:  I want to enrol in an LAW subject but it says it is at quota or has no space.  I need to do this subject to get a major/ minor in business law.  What do I do?

Apart from LAW101, LAW302, LAW315, LAW960, LAW969 and LAW970, most of the LAW subjects are taught with LLB (Bachelor of Laws) elective subjects.  This is so that we can offer maximum choice in subjects to students.  Law normally sets a maximum amount (quota) of students in these subjects at 30 students per seminar.  There may be other subjects that will count towards a business law major/minor that you can do instead.  It is advisable to continue to check SOLS regularly to see if you can enrol in the subject as other students withdraw, which is quite common.

FAQ 3:  I want to enrol in an LAW subject, but it will be over my credit point limit.  Whose approval do I need?

You need approval from a Sub Dean in the Faculty of Business to exceed the credit point limit.  Once you have this approval, you can enrol in the subject yourself via SOLS unless it is at quota (see FAQ 2) or it is past the last date to enrol via SOLS (see FAQ 4). The relevant form is Academic Approval – Subject Addition form.

FAQ 4:   I want to enrol late in an LAW subject. Whose approval do I need?

You need to make a case for approval for this request to the Law’s Legal Studies Adviser. If this approval is granted, the Legal Studies Adviser will approve this in Section A of the Academic Approval – Subject Addition form.

FAQ 5:   I have failed an LAW subject that I need for professional accreditation, and it is not available again until next year.  What do I do?

If you cannot extend your period of study at UOW in order to take this subject when it is next on offer, you may seek cross institutional study at another university of an equivalent subject.  Several universities offer similar subjects to LAW101, LAW302, LAW315, LAW960 and LAW9302, and other legal studies subjects.  Some universities offer on-line/ distance subjects.  This form of study suits some students, but not all, as many need the face to face contact provided by regular classes.  If you want to apply for cross-institutional study at another university, you should obtain an Application For Cross Institutional Study At Another University form (also available from the Law Administration Office, Rm 67.239 or Business Central) and follow the instructions on the form.  The Head of Unit is Law’s Legal Studies Adviser.  You can leave the completed form with relevant attachments at Law’s Administration Office.  The Legal Studies Adviser will assess your application and send it to Business Central.  Alternatively, you can make an appointment to see the Legal Studies Adviser and then take the completed form to Business Central yourself.  When the form has been processed by Student Central, you will be issued with the letter you need to attach to your application to study at the university you have selected.

FAQ 6:  I want to apply to Remove a subject from my record or for Late Withdrawal Without Academic Penalty from an LAW subject.  What do I do?

Law’s Legal Studies Adviser can only approve this application as Head of Unit, and final approval is required from a Sub Dean of the Faculty of Business.  You can apply via the form for ‘Remove Subject/s (Applying for late withdrawal without academic penalty)’ with supporting documentation attached. This can be submitted at the School of Law’s Administration Office (67.239) for consideration by the Legal Studies Adviser.  The application will then be set to Business Central.

General Information For Legal Studies (LAW) Students

The School of Law offers subjects for non-LLB (Bachelor of Laws) students.  The majority of students who undertake these subjects are enrolled in courses offered by the Faculty of Business.

The following legal studies subjects are offered every year, in the session indicated (subject to change):


Law, Business & Society (Autumn)


Law of Business Organisations (Autumn)


Taxation Law (Spring)


Legal Studies for Professionals (Trimester 2)


Banking and Finance Law (Trimester 2) #


Work Health & Safety Law (Winter)*


Law of Business Organisations (Trimester 3)

# LAW970  is only offered in the Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong

* LAW969 is only available to students enrolled in the Master of Work Health and Safety, the Master of Work Health and Safety Advanced and the Graduate Diploma in Work Health and Safety.

The following legal studies subjects are also offered on a regular basis, but not necessarily every year, or in the same session each year:  


Family Law


Work Health & Safety Law*


International Business Law*


Banking Law*


Consumer Protection & Product Liability Law*


Law of Employment*


Intellectual Property Law*


Labour Regulation*


Environmental Law*


Anti‐Discrimination Law*


International Law*


Media Law*


Advanced Taxation Law*


Human Rights Law


Corporate Governance*


Foreign Investment Law in China*


International Business Law


Legal Research Project

 *These subjects have been recommended by the School of Law to count to the Major or Minor in Business Law.

Academic Advice about qualifying for the Business Law Major or the Business Law Minor

The requirements for the Business Law Major and the Business Law Minor are set out in the Course Handbook.  If you complete LAW101 and the requisite amount of credit points for the major or minor in Business Law from the subjects listed above, then you are eligible for the this major or minor.  The School of Law’s Legal Studies Adviser cannot provide advice on your qualification for the major or minor, as your degree is not offered by the School of Law.  This advice can only be provided by the Faculty of Business.


Any undergraduate student intending to undertake legal studies subjects should first complete LAW101 Law, Business & Society.  This is the main pre-requisite for other undergraduate (LAW3XX) subjects, although some subjects may have additional pre-requisites.

Enrolment in seminars for LAW subjects

The on-line seminar registration system operates on a “first-in” basis.  Please log on to SOLS and select the tutorial enrolment tab for individual subject opening times.  The system the School of Law uses is the SMP-Online Tutorial system. Any applications to change seminar groups must be made to the Subject Coordinator and comply with the School of Law’s Seminar Allocations Policy (see your Subject Outline).

General Information for students studying subjects with the School of Law

Information for undergraduate students studying with the School of Law is available at Undergraduate Students. This page includes links to documents, form and notices for students.  Many of these forms are also applicable to postgraduate students undertaking coursework programs.

Last reviewed: 5 January, 2018