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Marett Leiboff

Position: Associate Professor
Qualifications:  BA Qld Grad Dip T KGCAE MA NSW LLB (Hons) QUT LLM Lond PhD Griff

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Office: 67.216
Phone: +61 4221 4050


Marett Leiboff joined the Faculty of Law at the University of Wollongong in 2008, moving from QUT in Brisbane. She holds a PhD from Griffith University, in which she explored the legal construction of cultural significance in Australia's cultural property legislation, an LLM specialising in Intellectual Property from Kings College, University of London, and an LLB (Hons) from QUT. She was admitted to the Queensland Bar in 1993. Marett also has a BA and MA specialising in theatre studies, and she moved into law from her work in broadcasting regulation during the 1980s. She draws on her non-legal disciplinary backgrounds in her research within the fields of Cultural Legal Studies, Law and Humanities and Theatrical Jurisprudence. She also works with scholars in the field of Law and Literature and Law and History, through the connection between those fields and her own research. 

Marett is currently the Managing Editor of the transnational journal Law Text Culture, and a member of its Board. She has published in refereed journals and book collections in Australia and internationally, and has guest edited special issues of journals, She was an invited guest editor on a special issue of the Australian based international journal, the Australian Feminist Law Journal, and co-guest editor of special issue of the transnational Australian based journal Law Text Culture, and a invited speaker in Australia, the US, Canada, Brazil, the UK, Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Italy. She has visited at law schools and departments including Birkbeck College University of London, the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies London, the University of Westminster, the University of British Columbia, Erasmus University Rotterdam, University of Giessen Germany, the University of Copenhagen and the University of Graz, Austria. 

She is one of the founders of cultural legal studies and has developed new courses in the field of Law and Humanities, bridging theory and practice, based on her research in the field.

Research Interests

Marett's research and scholarship centres on the the legal theories of cultural legal studies,law and humanities and theatrical jurisprudence, with a particular focus on how the non-legal formation of the lawyer affects and influences practices of legal interpretation. Marett works with history, biography, and different cultural forms, and how they are experienced and encountered in order to understand how lawyers interpret legal texts through time, and how non-legal experience through generational change affects that interpretation, and what this means for legal integrity. Marett also interrogates assumptions surrounding law's conceptions and understandings of culture and creativity, and has published around legal accounts of visual culture. She is currently working on a monograph, Towards a Theatrical Jurisprudence, drawing on the work of theatre theorist and practitioner, Jerzy Grotowsi as a jurisprudence. She was invited to be co-editor of the book collection Fables of the Law, De Gruyter Germany, due to be published in 2016. 

She supervises students interested in these fields, and has supervised numerous honours students and masters research students in areas ranging from law and literature, jurisprudence and legal theory, law and the visual, defamation and aspects of media law, and jurisprudence relating to copyright law, free speech and vilification law, law and history, law and dance, broadcasting law and history, cultural heritage law, law and dramatic literature, and judicial biography. 

Her PhD students research across these fields. Dr Caroline Dick's thesis, 'Sumptuary Law by any other name: manifestation of sumptuary regulation in Australia 1901-1927', drew on historical research through the formal archives of government documents and papers and informal archives of diary and newspaper reports in relation to taxation law and the role of the courts and government agencies in regulating dress in post Federation Australia. 

Her current PhD students are investigating the following: 

Yvonne Apolo 'Conscientious Relationality or Informationalism? Interrogating legal conceptions of privacy through the pathologised subjectivity of the age of visibility' 

Ryan Kernaghan 'Changing Methods of Interpretation in the 1970s: The Staging of Opera and the Jurisprudence of Justice Lionel Murphy' 

Professional Activities

Marett was appointed to the Commonwealth National Cultural Heritage Committee under the Protection of Movable Cultural Heritage Act in 2014. She has been Vice President of the Law Literature and Humanities Association of Australasia since 2010, and a former Committee member of the Law and Society Association of Australia and New Zealand (LSAANZ). She is a member of LSAANZ, the American Society for Law Culture and Humanities, the European European Network for Law and Literature and the Associazione Italiana di Diritto e Letteratura (AIDEL). 

She served as Head of Postgraduate Studies, Faculty Research Committee Chair and Acting Director of the Legal Intersections Research Centre with the Faculty of Law. She served for two terms on Academic Senate as staff elected representative of the Faculty of Law.


2006: co-awardee of a Carrick Citation for Outstanding Contributions for Student Learning.

Areas of Higher Degree Research Supervision

Marett encourages potential research students in the fields of cultural legal studies, theatrical jurisprudence, law and humanities, law and literature, jurisprudence and legal theory, law and the visual, law and history, legal and judicial biography, the formation of the lawyer through their non-legal backgrounds, and the consequences for the interpretation.

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Last reviewed: 12 October, 2017