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First Year at UOW

Over the next few months, as you settle in to uni life, you will experience many new and exciting opportunities. Whether you have come straight from school, overseas, resuming your studies, changing careers or expanding your knowledge, adjusting to the new expectations of university study and life as a student can take some time. But don’t panic, whatever challenge you face you are definitely not alone. The First Year at UOW website is a great place to start and is especially designed to answer all your first year questions and act as a guide to all the useful services and information available to you. From before you even start uni to when you receive your first semester results, this website will guide you through, step by step. 

If you have any questions regarding your first year studies please contact Dr Lowell Bautista, Head of Students, School of Law in the first instance. 

First Year Coordinators

Autumn 2018

LLB1100 Foundations of Law Kate Tubridy
LLB1115 Legal Skills Ryan Kernaghan
LLB1120 Law of Contract A Professor Nan Seuffert
LLB1130 Criminal Law and Procedure A Associate Professor Julia Quilter

Spring 2018

LLB1160 Interpreting the LawRyan Kernaghan
LLB1170 Law of Contract BMargaret Bond
LLB1180 Criminal Law and Procedure B Scarlet Wilcock
LLB1197 Legal Ethics & Professional Responsibility Karina Murray


Last reviewed: 20 December, 2017