Legal Intersections Research Centre (LIRC)

A Short History of LIRC

The activities of the Legal Intersections Research kicked off with a one-day workshop on "Intersectional Methodologies" in November 2001 and "Theory/Action/Research" in July 2002. Papers from those workshops were collected, and published, with some additional material, in a special issue of the journal, Law Text Culture, on "Legal Intersections" (volume 6 (2002)).

With this special issue, the management of Law Text Culture returned to the University of Wollongong . Since 2002 Law Text Culture has been a publication of the Legal Intersections Research Centre.

In December 2002, the Legal Intersections Research Centre hosted the 20th Annual Law & Society Conference on the theme of "Opening Law: Making Links - Crossing Borders".

In June 2003 the Centre co-hosted a forum on 'Responding to Terrorism' with the University of Wollongong 's Centre for Canadian-Australian Studies. Since this time LIRC has regularly co-operated with other UOW research centres in 'joint venture' events, including seminars co-sponsored with CAPSTRANS, the Institute for Conservation Biology and the Centre for Comparative Law and Development Studies in Asia and the Pacific.

IN 2004 researchers affiliated with the Legal Intersections Research Centre completed work on the Court Resources Project an online resource for courts and tribunals which had its origins in the work of the University of Wollongong Faculty of Law's Centre for Court Policy and Administration, one of the predecessors to the Legal Intersections Research Centre.

Since 2001 the Legal Intersections Research Centre has run a regular seminar series as an important forum for encouraging the work of legal intersections research from across the University of Wollongong and beyond.

In December 2006, the Legal Intersections Research Centre again hosted the Australasian Law and Society Conference. This time our theme was "Right or Racket? The Protection of Law". Selected papers have been published in Law Text Culture, Volume 12 2008. 

Last reviewed: 20 June, 2017