School Research

Internet History in Australia and the Asia-Pacific

This project will be the first comprehensive, national study of the Australian Internet. Focussing on cultural and social aspects, it will compare the development and uses of the Internet in Australia, with those of China, Korea, and Japan, key trading partners and innovators. This internationally significant project will provide an up-to-date history of the Internet in the world's most dynamic economic region, the Asia-Pacific. Findings will be highly relevant to Australia's broadband, Internet, mobiles, and media debates and policy, and will be communicated to industry, policymakers, and community, as well as academic audiences through an innovative website, publications, and workshops.

Investigators: A/Prof Mark McLelland and Dr Kwangsuk Lee (UOW)
Prof Gerard Goggin and Dr Haiqing Yu (UNSW)

Last reviewed: 12 January, 2010