Institute for Social Transformation Research

About ISTR

The Institute for Social Transformation Research (ISTR) is an interdisciplinary forum for ideas, debates and discussion. It brings together leading scholars from the Creative Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, with a shared focus on understanding the impact of social change and cultural transformation in our region and across the globe.

Broadly speaking ISTR research approaches social transformation from three interrelated perspectives:

  1. Concepts, theories and models of social transformation 
  2. Documentation of social transformation
  3. Creative responses to social transformation

“I don’t believe in revolutionary transformation, whatever the regime may be, if there is not also a cultural revolution, a kind of mutation among people, without which we lapse into the reproduction of an earlier society. It is the whole range of possibilities of specific practices of change in the way of life, with their creative potential, that constitutes what I call molecular revolution, which is a condition for any social transformation.” Felix Guattari, 1982