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AusStage - Phase 5: Australian live performance and the world – global networks, national culture and aesthetic transmission

Funding Body Australian Research Council
Funding Type Linkage Infrastructure Equipment and Facilities Grant
Amount funded $325,000.00
Chief Investigators Prof Julian J Meyrick; Prof John F Roddick; Prof Julie M Holledge; Dr Jonathan J Bollen; Prof Joanne E Tompkins; Prof Veronica E Kelly; A/Prof Maryrose Casey; Ms Nanette L Hassall; Dr Shona E Erskine; Prof Rachel S Fensham; A/Prof Peter A Eckersall; A/Prof Denise J Varney; Dr Glenn D'Cruz; A/Prof Helena M Grehan; Dr Gillian A Arrighi; A/Prof David M Watt; Dr Bree J Hadley; Dr Sandra J Gattenhof; Dr Margaret M Hamilton; Dr Meg Mumford; Dr Bryoni A Trezise; Prof Peta L Tait; Dr Delyse J Ryan; Ms Antonietta Morgillo; Prof Frode - Helland; Mr Christopher J Smith; Mr Robert G Brookman
Project Duration  2014 - 2014
Project Summary  AusStage Phase 5: Australian live performance and the world – global networks, national culture and aesthetic transmission: AusStage stimulates new approaches to collaborative research and pioneers innovative methodologies for researching live performance in Australia. However, the creativity of Australian artists extends beyond national borders. This project will internationalise AusStage by: developing new methodologies for analysing aesthetic transmission between Australian and international artists; collaborating with international partners to share data and enable research across national borders; and extending the data set to support research on global markets, international distribution and cultural diplomacy. New developments will support innovative research on live performance of international significance and collaborations with international partners.
 Administering Organisation:  The Flinders University of South Australia
Partner/Collaborating Eligible Organisation(s): University of Wollongong, The University of New South Wales, La Trobe University, Australian Catholic University, Australia Council , University of Oslo, Norway, Performing Arts Heritage Network of Museums Australia, State Theatre Company of South Australia, The University of Queensland, Monash University, Edith Cowan University, The University of Melbourne, Deakin University, Murdoch University, The University of Newcastle, Queensland University of Technology


Last reviewed: 2 December, 2013