School of Humanities and Social Inquiry

School of Humanities and Social Inquiry

Students in the School of Humanities and Social Inquiry are trained to think historically, philosophically and politically about the world, societies and cultures. Working alongside and guiding you in your studies are experts in their fields who will introduce you to cutting edge ideas, new ways of thinking and global perspectives. You will hone your skills of interpretation (nothing is ever just black and white), and you will gain experience in analysing and synthesising complex ideas; skills that are essential in real world problem solving and highly valuable to a wide range of employers. Every ‘real world’ problem today has a cultural and social dimension that can be understood using the skills you will gain doing one of our degrees.

Language study opened world of travel, work opportunities to graduate

Thomas Curran Language Day Main

For Thomas Curran, learning a language has been one of the most valuable decisions he has made. It has provided him with a wealth of travel and study opportunities.

On Tuesday (13 February), the University of Wollongong graduate was one of a number of former students who returned to encourage future students to undertake a language as part of their university studies.

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All the lonely people

All the lonely people HSI homepage

What do we think of when we think of loneliness? In this age of carefully curated Instagram feeds, a constant stream of photos in which people seem to be having a glorious time, all the time, it can be easy to imagine that we are the only ones in the world who become afflicted by loneliness.

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Google wants humanities employees – HSI graduate Motoki Sano shows why!

HSI Student

Google has found that what it needed for success was less STEM and more Humanities, Arts and Social Science.

Our very own Motoki Sano is an inspiration for current students. He now works at Google after completing an Honours degree and PhD in English Language and Linguistics (ELL) at UOW. You can see Motoki's co-edited book here and other work here including studies of disaster responses and social media. Linguistics is a valuable bridge between STEM and the Humanities, developing both 'soft skills' and robust analysis.

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Summer Master Classes 2018

Summer Class 2018 Monica and GlennSummer Class 2018 Sophia and Stephen

UOW's Year 12 Summer Master Classes is an opportunity for year 12 students to participate in lectures, tutorials and labs during the summer break.

HSI's Glenn Mitchell and Stephen Brown have been instrumental in designing and running our Summer Master Clasess. They recently acknowledge two students, Monica and Sohpia, who had challenged the grain and showcased excellence throughout their time in the program. Congratulations!