Why Study With Us?

Why study with us?

Learn from the best 

The academic staff who teach you aren’t just teachers, they are also engaged in their fields, writing books and articles, editing journals, holding positions on international forums and often leading research in their fields. 


There are many ways in which you can tailor your degree. You can choose to study two major study areas from the Bachelor of Arts, such as politics and history, or can opt to combine an Arts major with a major study area from another faculty, such as philosophy with psychology or science and technology studies with human geography. 

A great environment for study and play 

We know studying at university can be a challenge but we know how to have fun too. We want you to enjoy UOW and make the most of your degree. This is why we have our Peer-2-Peer Mentoring program, to keep you on track academically, to meet new friends, to get to know staff and put you in touch with high performing students. Your mentors know what starting your degree is like and what you need to keep you on track in the first weeks of session. 

Interested in cultural, academic and social events as well? Our student association Arts Humanities Society (AHS) is a community of students and staff across Arts & International Studies that you have the option of joining. It’s not only about making friends but also about helping you build strong links with employers and alumni, which can improve your career opportunities. Being a member of AHS is a great way to network and keep in touch with what’s happening. 

An international outlook 

We make it our priority to incorporate an international outlook into everything we do—from our Bachelor of International Studies, our expertise in Asia – Pacific politics and cultures, our focus on transnational literary traditions, our research on world history and inter-cultural communication and our encouragement and support of student exchange programs in collaboration with universities throughout the world.

You will be a highly sought after graduate 

We all know how quickly the world changes: the impact of social media is overwhelming, fluctuations in the economy are ongoing and the way we engage and tackle the workplace is vastly different then it was in our parents’ day. With these changes in mind, employers are looking for graduates who are flexible and who have adaptable skills that can be applied in a range of ways. They want people who can think critically and creatively, who can reason and who have informed opinions. That is the foundation a UOW Arts degree will give you and what will put you in high demand in the workplace.

Last reviewed: 30 May, 2018