Colleen McGloinDr Colleen McGloin

BA Hons, PhD. University of Wollongong

Email: cmcgloin@uow.edu.au

Colleen is a Honorary Senior Fellow (former Senior Lecturer) in Indigenous Studies. She comes from a multi-disciplinary background in English Studies and Cultural Studies and is interested in interdisciplinary approaches to teaching and learning. Colleen’s key research interests are in critical pedagogy as a body of knowledge that is politically and socially motivated toward social justice.

Research Interests:

  • Indigenous and non-Indigenous critical pedagogy/Indigenous issues
  • Theories of race, nation and culture
  • Feminisms
  • Textual studies / language use

Colleen’s publications are at the intersection of Indigenous Studies, critical pedagogy, feminism, and text studies.  Her work in critical pedagogy comes from the standpoint that academic teaching can generate the potential for ethical engagement with national and global issues of social justice beyond the rhetoric of neoliberalism.  Grounded in anti-racist and feminist principles, Colleen’s teaching and research are linked with a view to exploring how educators can mobilize effective learning through recognizing themselves as learners and through dialogic approaches to teaching and learning.  Colleen’s current research examines “critical allies”: the role of non-Indigenous educators teaching Indigenous content and Indigenous Studies both nationally and globally.


Colleen has taught in the Indigenous Studies program at UOW for twelve years at all curriculum levels. She has also taught courses in English, sociology, and cultural studies. Colleen currently coordinates and co teaches across the Indigenous Studies major and the INDS Honours program. She has received an OCTAL award for her contribution to teaching and learning.

Searchable RIS publications from 2000 to date


  • McGloin, C. Surfing Nation(s) Surfing Country(s), 2008 Saarbrucken, VDM Verlag

Book Chapters:

  • McGloin, C. (2015) ‘Australian Indigenous Short Film: ‘Introducing Wayne Blair’s Djarn Djarns and Black Talk’ in Reverse Shots: Indigenous Film and Media in an International Context, Wilfrid Laurier University Press, pp. 131-142.
  • McGloin, C. ‘Reclaiming Culture: Indigenous surfing as a pedagogical practice', Critical Surf Studies Reader (forthcoming 2015). 

Book reviews:

  • McGloin, C. (2013) 'Rethinking Women's and Gender Studies', Gender and Education, Nov. pp. 1-2.
  • McGloin C (2015) Lyn McCredden and Nat O'Reilly (eds) Tim Winton: Critical Essays, in  Journal of the Association for the Study of Australian Literature (JASAL).

Journal Publications: 

  • McGloin, C. (2015) ‘Listening to hear: dialogic pedagogy and critical allies in Indigenous Studies’. Australian journal of Adult Learning, Volume 55, Number 2.
  • McGloin, C. (2015) 'Corporate speak and "collateral recruitment': surfing the student body', Review of Education, Pedagogy & Cultural Studies. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/10714413.2015.1065621
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Research Students: 

  • Nicola Bath, PhD Candidate, ‘Images of 'femininity': A contemporary analysis of nineteenth century Australian painting’. Current.
  • Andrew Farrell, PhD Candidate, Co supervising with Dr Bronwyn Carlson ‘Sista Girls  : Emerging Aboriginal Transgender and Genderqueer Identities’ Current.
  • Tracey Mee, PhD Candidate, ‘Australian Identity: Somewhere Between the Flags’ Current.
  • Andrew Farrell,(Hons 1), 2013.‘Indigenous Transgender Formations: Performing The Third Gender/Representations of the Third Gender in Sista Girl and Two Spirit Communities’.
  • Nicola Bath, (Hons 1) 2012 ‘The artist’s vision of women in nineteenth century Australia.
  • Tracey Mee, (Hons 1) 2012. ‘Vexing Vexillology: Re-Thinking the Australian National Flag’.
  • Bronwyn Carlson, (PhD). 2011. ‘The Politics of Aboriginal Identity’, Co Supervised with Prof. Martin Nakata.
  • Karlene Adlington  (Hons) 2010. 'Representations of women in the work of Anita Heiss',
  • Hannah McLean, (Hons.) 2009.  ‘Talkin’ ‘bout reconciliation: A soundtrack for indigenous resistance’
  • Kelly Pollitt, (Hons.) 2008.‘Conceptual Frameworks in Drug and Alcohol Services in relation to Indigenous Clients’, Co Supervised with Prof Kathleen Clapham,
  • Michelle Hartcher, (Hons.) 2007. ‘Finding a Voice in Boxing: Indigenous Participation in the sport of boxing 1930-2007’.


Last reviewed: 22 March, 2018