Marcelo SvirskyDr Marcelo Svirsky

BA Physics (Technion (Israel Institute of Technology)), MA and PhD Political Science (University of Haifa, Israel)

Location: 19.1080
Phone: (02) 4221 3180


I moved to Wollongong in March 2012 from Cardiff, Wales, where I worked at the Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies, Cardiff University, since 2008. I teach subjects in International Studies in the School of Humanities and Social Inquiry. My research interests are primarily invested on theories and the practice of political activism, revolutionary action, and social transformation. I approach these topics by interconnecting between continental European philosophy – particularly the works of Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, critical political theory, and theories of decolonisation. Regionally, I apply my work on the Middle East – particularly Israel/Palestine, but also I have an interest in Latin-America politics. My research is qualitative and leans on ethnographic methodologies.

Current Research Projects and Work in Progress

  • A special issue of the journal Settler Colonial Studies, based on the international conference ‘Collaborative Struggle’ that I convened, will be published on July 2014 (Vol. 4, No. 3).
  • ‘The Ecology of Interculturalism in Israel’: This is an interdisciplinary project that combines interests and research methodologies from cultural politics with topics from education and aims to explore the emergence of intercultural social spaces of shared belonging in Israel. It addresses this question by studying the relationships between intercultural-bilingual schools and their regional communities to determine how desegregation, bilingualism and equality are negotiated and applied. The significance of this project lies on its contribution to knowledge on the promotion of collaborative life in deeply divided societies.


Searchable RIS publications from 2000 to date


  • 2014. Collaborative Struggles in Australia and Israel-Palestine (ed.), Settler Colonial Studies, Special Issue, Vol. 4(4), ISSN 1838-0743
  • 2014. After Israel: Towards Cultural Transformation, London: Zed Books; ISBN 978-1-7803-2612-2; 241 pages.
  • 2012. Arab-Jewish Activism in Israel-Palestine, Farnham: Ashgate; ISBN 978-1-4094-2229-7.
  • 2012. Agamben and Colonialism, Marcelo Svirsky & Simone Bignall (eds.), Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, ISBN HB 978-0-7486 4394-3, PB 978-0-7486-4393-6.
  • 2010. Deleuze and Political Activism (Deleuze Studies Volume 4, Special Issue), edited, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, ISBN: 978-0-7486-4052-2.

Marcelo Svirsky - Settler Colonial StudiesMarcelo Svirsky - Settler Colonial Studies

Marcelo Svirsky - After Israel  Marcelo Svirsky - Arab-Jewish  Marcelo Svirsky - Agamben  Marcelo Svirsky - Deleuze  

Articles in Refereed Journals

  • 2014. 'Collaborative Struggles and the Permeability of Settler-Colonialism', in M. Svirsky (ed.) Collaborative Struggles in Australia and Israel-Palestine, Settler Colonial Studies, Special Issue, Vol. 4(3).
  • 2014. 'On the Study of Collaborative Struggles in Settler Societies', in M. Svirsky (ed.) Collaborative Struggles in Australia and Israel-Palestine, Settler Colonial Studies, Special Issue, Vol. 4(3)
  • 2014. ‘The Mechanics of Profanation: Subjectivity and Zionist Divides’, Cultural Politics, 10 (1): 92-104.
  • 2012. ‘Using transcendental empiricism: Deleuze in the Middle East’, Revista Pensamiento Politico.
  • 2012. ‘Interculturalism and the Pendulum of Identity’, with Aura Mor-Sommerfeld, Intercultural Education, accepted, forthcoming.
  • 2011. ‘Captives of Identity: The Betrayal of Intercultural cooperation’, Subjectivity, 4 (2).
  • 2012. ‘The empty square of the Occupation’, Deleuze Studies, 4 (3): 381-411.
  • 2009. ‘This Regime which is not One: A Deleuzian Approach’, HaMerhav HaTziburi (The Public Space), 3: 107-138 (in Hebrew).
  • 2008. ‘The Politics of Familiarity: An Intercultural Alternative to the Politics of Recognition’, HaMerhav HaTziburi (The Public Space), 2: 2-32 (in Hebrew).
  • 2008. ‘Bilingual Education and Practical Interculturalism in Israel: The case of the Galilee’, with Mor-Sommerfeld, A., Azaiza, F. and Hertz-Lazarowitz, R., The Discourse of Sociological Practice, 8 (1): 55-81; ISSN: 1527-778X..

Book Chapters

  • 2015. ‘Giorgio Agamben on Violence’, in B. Evans ad T. Carver (Eds.) Histories of Violence - Post-War Critical Thought, London: Zed Books (forthcoming).
  • 2012. ‘Agamben and Colonialism’ (with Simone Bignall), in M. Svirsky & S. Bignall (eds.), Agamben and Colonialism, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.
  • 2012. ‘The Cultural Politics of Exception’, in Marcelo Svirsky & Simone Bignall (eds.), Agamben and Colonialism, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.
  • 2010. ‘Against the Royal Science of Activism’, in Marcelo Svirsky (ed.), Deleuze and Political Activism (Deleuze Studies, Special Issue), Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 4(3): 1-6.
  • 2010. ‘Defining political activism’, in Marcelo Svirsky (ed.), Deleuze and Political Activism (Deleuze Studies, Special Issue), Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 4 (3):163-190.
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  • 2008. ‘Constructing Intercultural Hybrids: Adding Necessity to Contingency’, in Jones Irwin (ed.) Interculturalism and Interdiscplinarity, Probing the Boundaries project, Vol. 19 (e-book, ISBN: 1-904710-18-2), Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press.

Review Articles

  • ‘Deterritorialising Political Studies’ (P. Patton, Deleuzian Concepts) Symploke (2011), 19 (1-2).
  • ‘A Stirring Alphabet of Thought’ (J. Gil, O Imperceptível Devir da Imanência – Sobre a Filosofia de Deleuze), Deleuze Studies (2009), 3 (2): 311-324.

Publications Outside Academia

  • 2014. 'From Auschwitz to Sderot', New Matilda, 01.08.2014:
  • 2011. ‘Intercultural bilingualism is political’, Planet: the International Magazine for Wales, No 204.
  • 2011. ‘Open Letter to Bernard-Henri Lévy, Le Monde Diplomatique 17.03.2011.
  • 2009. ‘The Meaning of the Jewish State: Turning the Back on the Refugees’, Haaretz 12.08.2009.
  • 2009. ‘Gaza is Still the Issue’, Public Meeting organised by activists from Cardiff University, 11.03.2009.
  • 2005. Urban Democracy – Textbook for Junior High School, Haifa: Municipality of Haifa Press (in Hebrew).
  • 2003. ‘Discriminatory and Non-Efficient’, Haaretz 07.07.2003.
  • 2003. ‘Caution, a Dangerous Proposal’, Haaretz 28.04.2003
  • 2002. ‘Education for Citizenship, Tolerance and Multiculturalism’, in Kesher Ain- The Monthly High-School Teacher Journal, No. 115, 22-25.
  • 2001. ‘A Pedagogic Autonomy is needed’, Haaretz 26.09.2001.
  • 2001. ‘Don't talk under fire?’ Haaretz 16.08.2001.
  • 2000. ‘Creating Reality by High School Exams’, Haaretz 04.06.2000.
  • 2000. ‘The Limits of Meretz’, Haaretz 09.11.2000

Public Interventions

Research Students

Umut Ozguc, Doctoral candidate at UNSW Canberra: "Many politics' (co-supervisor).

Recent awards, fellowships and Competitive research funding

  • 2012: Book Completion Grant, ISTR, University of Wollongong.
  • 2012: URC Small Grant University of Wollongong, AUD$12,000.
  • 2012: The Institute for Social Transformation Research (ISTR) at the Faculty of Arts, University of Wollongong – AUD$5,000 financial support for the ‘Collaborative Struggle’ conference held at the University of Wollongong on September 2012.
International Competitive Grants Awarded
  • 2010-2013: Marie Curie Reintegration Grant (Title: Transversal Politics), Grant value: 45,000 €.
  • 2008-2010: Marie Curie Intra European Fellowship (EU), Cardiff University, Wales, UK (Title: Becoming Intercultural: The Diversification of the Political Subject in Multicultural Societies - A Theoretical and Practical Approach), Fellowship value: 171,843 €.
National Competitive Grants and Fellowships Awarded (UK and Israel)  
  • 2009: Cardiff University, School of English Communication and Philosophy Research sub-committee support for ‘Deleuze and Activism’ Conference, £2,000.
  • 2009: Cardiff University, Research Networking Events Fund for ‘Deleuze and Activism’ Conference, £1,000.
  • 2006-2007: Post-Doctoral Fellowship, School of Political Sciences, University of Haifa, Fellowship value: 20,000 U$S.
  • 2002-2003: PhD Full Stipend Scholarship, University of Haifa, Israel, Scholarship value: 15,000 U$S.

Conference Presentations

  • July, 14th, 2014: The Politics of Percepts and Affects: on Subjectivity Beyond the Subject, 7th Deleuze Studies Conference Istanbul 2014, Turkey.
  • June, 26th, 2013: On the Mechanics of Profanation: Overcoming Israeli-Palestinian Divides, Keynote presentation at the conference ‘Except Asia: Agamben's Work in Transcultural Perspective’, National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan.
  • September, 25th, 2012: There is such a thing as ‘joint or collaborative struggle’ – a rejoinder to Lina Alsaafin, presented at the Collaborative Struggle Conference, University of Wollongong, Australia.
  • July, 5th, 2012: Schizoanalysis and Empiricism, presented at the Australasian Association of Philosophy Conference 2012, University of Wollongong, Wollongong, Australia.
  • May, 10th, 2012: Beware of multiculturals or on the benefits of interculturalism, presented at the conference Multiculturalism and its Discontents, University of Wollongong, Wollongong, Australia.
  • May 22nd, 2011: Renewing the Research Agenda on Israel-Palestine, presented at the conference: Deleuzian Futures, Tel Aviv University, Israel.
  • April, 21st, 2011: Arab Uprisings as a Palestinian Event, presented at the conference: Remembering the Event: Power, Crisis and Transformation, Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK.
  • November, 12th, 2009: Where are you? Questions for rethink life, presented at the Deleuze and Activism Conference held in Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK.
  • February, 28th , 2008: (No) Walls in Bilingual Education, lecture presented together with Dr. Aura Mor-Sommerfeld at the Third Annual Conference on Bilingual Education in Israel: “Language, Community and Society”, University of Haifa, Haifa, Israel (in Hebrew).
  • January, 8th, 2007: Practices of Bilingualism and the construction of a Shared Citizenship in Israel, lecture at the Second Annual Conference on Bilingual Education, University of Haifa, (in Hebrew).
  • November, 20th, 2006: A Critical Interpretation of the Discourse of “Jewish and Democratic” In Citizenship Education, paper presented at The International Conference on peace and democracy education (IPCRI), Antalya, Turkey.
  • November, 21st, 2006: Mapping Familiarity across Cultures: the case of Arab-Jewish Relations in the Galilee, paper presented at The International Conference on peace and democracy education (IPCRI), Antalya, Turkey.
  • October, 18th -21st,, 2006 : The Formation of an Anti-Colonial Subjectivity, paper presented at the V Jornadas Internacionales - Nietzsche Semana Nietzche-Derrida, Buenos Aires, Argentina (in Spanish).
  • June, 15th, 2006: The formation of a Local Space under Hegemonic Conditions – A Foucauldian Perspective of the Intercultural Civil Action in the Galilee, paper presented at the Annual Conference of the Israeli Political Science Association, Israel (in Hebrew).
  • April, 25th-30th, 2006: The Limits of a Counter-Hegemonic Jewish-Arab Community in Israel, paper presented at the annual ECPR - Joint Sessions of Workshops, Intercollege, Nicosia, Cyprus.
  • November, 17th 2005: A Politics of Familiarity as an Alternative to the Politics of Recognition, paper presented at the 1st Conference for New Voices in Political Science, Bar Ilan University, Israel (in Hebrew).
  • May 13th-14th 2005: Beyond Inclusion and Exclusion: an Intercultural Politics of Familiarity for Multiethnic Societies, paper presented at the Sixth Essex Graduate Conference in Political Theory: “Difference, Borders, Others”, University of Essex, Great Britain.
  • December 2nd-4th 2004: Constructing Intercultural Hybrids: Adding Necessity to Contingency, paper presented at the Second Global Conference – “Interculturalism: Exploring Critical Issues”, Vienna, Austria.
  • July 18th-22nd 2004: Delegate at the Educators' Conference on Peace Education – organized by IPCRI (Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information), Anatolia, Turkey.
  • May 20th 2003: Building disabilities for making and securing ethnic segregation in Israel, academic paper presented at the annual Conference in Media Teaching in Israel, Levinsky College, Tel Aviv, Israel (in Hebrew).

Seminar/Workshop Presentations

  • February, 27th, 2014: Migrations of thought in subjectivity and research, in ‘Philosophy, nonlinearity and the migrations of thought’, ISTR Workshop, University of Wollongong.
  • September, 18th, 2013: After Israel – On Subjectivity and Profanation, invited lecture at the University of Western Sydney Research Seminar.
  • December, 13th, 2012: On the irrelevance of human rights in Control Societies, presented at the Continental Philosophy and Social Transformation Workshop, UNSW, Australia.
  • October, 12th, 2011: The Cultural Politics of Exception, Cardiff University, presented at the Centre for Critical and Cultural Theory Seminar, Cardiff, UK.
  • December, 4th, 2010: Contesting the Public in Israel – a Deleuzian approach, SOAS, University of London.
  • November, 19th, 2008: The Zionist-Palestinian Socius: (almost) nothing escape separatist striations, Seminar Series Autumn/Spring 2008-9, Centre for Critical and Cultural theory, Cardiff University.
  • April 7th 2005: Interculturalism as an Organizing Principle between Jews and Arabs in Israel, lecture at the monthly Internal Seminar, Political Science Department, University of Haifa, Israel (in Hebrew). 
  • December 20th 2004: The Right of Dialogue – Citizenship Education in Crisis, lecture presented at Tefen High School, Human Rights Day, Israel (in Hebrew).


Last reviewed: 20 June, 2017