Alison MooreDr Alison Moore

BA Hons (Linguistics), MPH, PhD (Linguistics)
Phone: +61 2 4221 4949

Lecturer in English Language and Linguistics

I joined the University of Wollongong in July 2009 to convene the English Language and Linguistics Program. I studied general and functional Linguistics as an undergraduate at Macquarie University, then studied and worked in public health and epidemiology at Westmead Hospital and Sydney University. My interest in the meaning-making side of public health issues and interventions led me back to Macquarie to do a PhD on agency and decision-making in medicine, from a linguistic perspective. I was then awarded an ARC Postdoctoral Fellowship to study interaction in surgery, which I took at Macquarie. I have also worked in the Department of English at the University of Sydney, and the Centre for Values, Ethics and the Law in Medicine, at the University of Sydney. A new research area for me since coming to UOW is applying linquistic approaches to critical animal studies. 

Awards & Fellowships

NHMRC/PHRDC Postgraduate Scholarship (PhD scholarship)
ARC Post-Doctoral Fellowship

Professional Service

  • I am currently the Vice President on the Australian Systemic Functional Linguistics Association
  • I am on the editorial board of the Animal Studies Journal and I co-edit the book Series Text and Social Context (with Equinox)

Subjects Taught

ELL 110 – Language in Social Life (with David Lee)
ELL 182 – Effective Written Communication
ELL 210 – Communication Across Cultures
ELL 271 – Grammar and Discourse 1
ELL 371 – Grammar and Discourse 2
ELL 310 – Global Englishes
ELL 315 – Using Language as Evidence

Selected Publications

Recent Book chapters

  • Butt, D., Moore, A, Tuckwell, K. (in press). the teleological illusion in linguistic 'drift': choice and purpose in semantic evolution. In fontaine, L. Bartlett, T. and O'Grady, G. (eds) Choice: critical considerations in Systemic Functional Linguistics, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • Butt, D., Henderson-Brooks, C., Moore, A., Meares, R., Haliburn, J. and Jorner, A. (in press) Moticated selection in verbal are, 'verbal science', and psychotherapy: when many methods are at one. In Fang Yan (ed), New Directions in Systemic Functional Linguistics. Beijing: Higher Education Press of China
  • Butt, D., Moore, A, Henderson-Brooks, C. (2012). Discourse Correlates of the Therapeutic Method and Patient Progress. In Russell Meares, Nick Bendit, Joan Haliburn, ANthony Korner, Dawn Mears and David Butt (eds) Borderline Personality Disorder and The Conversational Model - A Clinician's Manual, New York: Norton an
  • Moore, A. (in press) Surgical teams in action: a contextually sensitive approach to modelling body alignment and interpersonal engagement. In Baldry, A. and Montagna, E. (eds), Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Multimodality: Theory and Practice, Campobasso, Italy: Palladino.

Selected Peer-reviewed journal articles

  • Moore, A. (in press). That could be me: Identity and identification in discourses about food, meat, and animal welfare. Linguistics and the Human Sciences.
  • Lukin, A., Moore, A., Herke, M., Wegener, R., and Wu, C. (2011) Halliday's model of register revisited and explored.  Linguistics in the Human Sciences. 4.2:187-243
  • Moore, A., Cartmill, J., Butt D., and Ellis-Clarke J. (2010) Linguistic analysis of verbal and non-verbal communication in the operating theatre. ANZ Journal of Surgery.  80:925-929.
  • Butt, D.,  Moore, A. Henderson-Brooks, C., Meares, R. and Haliburn, J. (2010) Dissociation, relatedness,  and ‘cohesive harmony’: a linguistic measure of degrees of ‘fragmentation’?  Linguistics and the Human Sciences  3: 263–293.
  • Moore, A. and Tuckwell, K. (2006) A tenorless genre? Forensic generic profiling of workers’ compensation dispute resolution discourse. Linguistics and the Human Sciences 2.2: 205–232. Special issue on genre, edited by John Bateman.
  • Lobb, E., Butow, P., Moore, A., Barratt, A., Tucker, K., Gaff, C, Kirk, J., Dudding, T., Butt, D., (2006) Development of a communication aid to facilitate risk communication in consultations with women from high risk breast cancer families: a pilot study. Journal of Genetic Counselling 15:393-405.
  • Brown, R., Butow, P., Butt, D.G., Moore, A.R., and Tattersall, M.H. (2004) Developing ethical strategies to assist oncologists in seeking informed consent to cancer clinical trials. Social Science & Medicine 58: 379-390.
  • Moore, A. (2005) Modelling agency in HIV decision-making. Australian Review of Applied Linguistics. Special Edition S19:103-122.
  • Moore, A., Candlin, C.N., and Plum, G.A. (2001) Making sense of HIV-related Viral Load: one expert or two? Culture Health and Sexuality 3: 229-250.

Research Reports

  • Aslani, P. , Hamrosi, K., Raynor, T., Parkinson B., Nissen, L., Moore A., et al. (2010) Investigating Consumer Medicine Information (I-CMI) Project- Final Report to the Pharmacy Guild of Australia. Unpbublished report.

Research Groups

Interdisciplinary Educational research institute (IERI) – Member
Centre for Language in Social Life, Macquarie University – Member

Current Research Projects

The linguistics of individuation in ecological debate - Arts/ISTR Funding
This project examines discourses that discuss (or underpin discussions about) animal welfare, ecology and environment protection. It will i) identify patterns of grammar and argument which promote an unreflective conflation of the concepts of species and individual in non-human organisms; ii) examine the extent to which such patterns promote an unproductive slippage between concern for the interests of species as ecological entities and of members of such species; and iii) identify possible collaborations between ecolinguistics, animal studies, and philosophical approaches to the study of animal and human wellbeing, including environmental ethics.

What’s in a conversation? Discourse correlates of therapeutic talk in the Conversational Model of psychotherapy. NHMRC Project
A collaborative project with Em/Prof Russell Meares (Westmead Hospital), and A/Professor David Butt & Dr Caroline Henderson-Brooks (Macquarie University). This work aims to make more explicit the kinds of linguistic patternings that occur in talk that is taken as ‘progress’ by therapists. This research has been included in a recent clinical manual on Borderline Personaloity Disorder.

Systemic Safety: the meanings of behaviour in contexts of surgical care
ARC Postdoctoral Fellowship and ARC Project Funded 2004-2007, but still an active project with A/Prof David Butt (Macquarie) and Prof John Cartmill (Nepean Hospital/ Mac. U). This project explores interacting systems of communication, as exemplified by the context of surgery. Increasingly, adverse events in operative care are considered systemic rather than a product of system breakdown. Existing systems, and how they lead to adverse events, need to be made more explicit. We describe surgical practice as a system of meaning-bearing systems, integrated from context to content to expression, and incorporating language and other symbolic systems.

Effectiveness of consumer medicines information
This project is consolidating evidence related to Consumer Medicine Information (CMI) effectiveness, to enhance the effectiveness of medicines information in community pharmacy practice. My role has been to help evaluate existing CMI formats and, working with the document designer, develop alternative formats while considering how this changes the ‘content’ of the messages, the likely reading strategies and the discourse and interactive strategies that pharmacists and consumers use in the trials of new formats for providing CMI.

Putting Halliday’s theory of ‘language in use’ into use
A collaboration between colleagues from the Centre for Language in Social Life at Macquarie University (Lukin, Butt, Hasan, Herke, Wu, and Wegener). We are exploring the development of the concept of register in SFL and the theoretical work the term does within the SFL paradigm. One significant development in this work has been proposals for modelling context paradigmatically, through system networks. My contribution includes demonstrations of context network modelling from surgery, HIV medicine, and Consumer Medicines.

Preferred Research Supervision Areas 

  • Systemic functional lingustics and discourse analysis
  • Multimodal analysis, including integrating analyses of verbal and non-verbal behaviour 
  • Register theory
  • Language and agency 
  • Discourse and medical discourse  
  • Organisational and professional discourse 
  • The language of environmental and other discourses about animals

Higher Degree Research and Honours Supervision

Current doctoral candidates

Ms Hanh Nguyen
Language and Literature with reference to Australian female writers (co-supervising with Prof Leigh Dale)

Mr Mohammad Ibrahim 
Argument construction in the Argumentative/ Persuasive Essays (APEs) by Malaysian and Australian tertiary students: A Systemic Functional approach 

Completed students/ PhD topics supervised elsewhere 

Dr Bradley Smith 
A registerial approach to modelling intonation. Awarded 2008, Macquarie University. Co-supervised with Professor Christian Matthiessen 

Ms Sally Brookes 
Towards a theory of spoken language for Gestalt Therapy: Developing a linguistic point of entry 

Dr Tony Korner 
Evaluative language, autonomic response and Conversation Model of Psychotherapy 

Ms Sarah Bartlett 
Linguistic resources for interaction among children with Asperger’s syndrome

Last reviewed: 6 March, 2019