Keith HortonDr Keith Horton

BA (hons) (University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne), MPhil (University College London), PhD (Reading)

Location: 19:1091
02 42214069

Lecturer in Philosophy

I was born in England and came to Australia in 2000. Before doing graduate studies in philosophy I spent some years teaching in primary schools in the East End of London and also some years teaching English as a Foreign Language in Italy. I came to the University of Wollongong in 2009. When not philosophising I like to go bushwalking and take photographs, and to play the guitar and mandolin, especially with the Con Artists.

Research Interests 

I have broad interests in moral and political philosophy, but my research focuses mainly on the following topics:

  • The moral implications of world poverty (including questions like this: Should we give to aid agencies? If so, which agencies, and how much?)
  • The demandingness of morality (How much sacrifice should we be willing to make for moral reasons – for example, to aid those living in extreme poverty?)
  • Activism and academia (Should philosophers (and academics in general) do more to try to make a positive difference in the real world?)

I argue for an affirmative answer to this last question, and this has led me to co-found the following three organisations:

  • Academics Stand Against Poverty, an international community of scholars and researchers working to confront the rules and practices that perpetuate global poverty
  • Academics Stand Against Poverty Oceania, the local chapter of Academics Stand Against Poverty
  • Global Climate Change Week, which aims to encourage academic communities – including academics, students, and professional staff at universities – in all disciplines and countries to engage with each other, their communities, and policy makers on climate change

Potential Topics for HDR & Honours Supervision

Moral and political philosophy, especially the moral implications of world poverty, global ethics, global justice, the demandingness of morality, moral methodology, environmental ethics, activism and academia.


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Edited Books:

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Book Chapters:

  • ‘The Epistemic Problem: Potential Solutions’, in Keith Horton and Chris Roche (eds), Ethical Questions and International NGOs (Springer, 2010)
  • ‘Introduction’ and ‘Afterword’ (both co-written with Chris Roche), in Keith Horton and Chris Roche (eds), Ethical Questions and International NGOs (Springer, 2010)
  • ‘Keller on Patriotism and Bad Faith: A Response’, in Igor Primoratz and Aleksandar Pavkovic (eds), Patriotism: Philosophical and Political Perspectives (Ashgate, 2008)

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Last reviewed: 18 January, 2019