Edward (Ted) Wolfers - photoEdward P. (Ted) Wolfers

Foundation Professor of Politics
BA (Hons 1, Government and Public Administration) USyd
PhD (Political and Administrative Studies), University of Papua New Guinea

Office: 19.1020
Telephone: +61 2 4221 4184


Comparative politics, government and public policy, including Australia, Papua New Guinea and other Pacific island countries

International relations, including foreign policy, relations between advanced industrial and less developed countries, and international organizations, including the United Nations

Research and postgraduate supervision

Comparative constitutions, politics and government, including autonomy, elections, political parties, and institutions

International relations, including foreign policies, security, international organisations, colonialism and decolonization, and relations between advanced industrial and less developed countries, focusing on Papua New Guinea and other Pacific island countries, the Asia-Pacific, and the United Nations

Prediction, prevention, management and resolution of violent civil conflict, including peace-making, peace-keeping, and peace-building, with particular regard to the Asia-Pacific

Inter-ethnic and race relations, focusing on Melanesia

Selected publications

Searchable RIS publications from 2000 to date

Books and monographs

(co-editor with William Dihm), Neutral Regional Truce Monitoring Group for Bougainville: A Collection of Key Agreements and Statements, Government of Papua New Guinea, Waigani, 1998

(co-author with A. J. Regan), The Electoral Process in Papua New Guinea: A  Handbook of Issues and Options, Papua New Guinea Institute of Applied Social and Economic Research, Boroko, 1988 (two printings)

(editor), Beyond the Border: Indonesia and Papua New Guinea - South-East Asia and the South Pacific.  Discussion and Documentation, University of Papua New Guinea, Waigani, and the Institute of Pacific Studies, Suva, 1988 - republished (with correction), 2007, online

(senior author and editor, with D. Conyers, P. Larmour, Y. P. Ghai), Decentralisation: Options and Issues.  A Manual for Policy Makers, Commonwealth Secretariat, London, 1982 (two printings)
(co-editor with F. S. Stevens), ‘Colonialism and After’, second edition of Volume 3 of Racism:  The Australian Experience.  A Study of Race Prejudice in Australia, Australia and New Zealand Book Co. Pty Ltd, Sydney, 1977

(co-author with P. Loveday), Parties and Parliament in Papua New Guinea 1964-1975, Monograph 4, Papua New Guinea Institute of Applied Social and Economic Research, Boroko (Papua New Guinea), 1976

(editor), Australia’s Northern Neighbours - Independent or Dependent?  Thomas Nelson (Australia) Ltd in association with the Australian Institute of International Affairs, Melbourne, 1976 - re-published as Looking North to South-East Asia: The View from Australia, University of Hawaii Press, Honolulu, 1977
Race Relations and Colonial Rule in Papua New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand Book Co. Pty Ltd, Sydney, 1975

United nations report

(Panel member, and contributor), United Nations, Report of the United Nations Panel on Opportunity and Participation, United Nations General Assembly, Document A/50/501, New York, 4 October 1995, pp. 34 - also available online at

Recent publications

‘Bougainville seeks transfer of powers’, in B. Gomez (ed.), Papua New Guinea Yearbook 2008, The National and Cassowary Books, Port Moresby 2008, pp. 185-189

‘Bougainville Autonomy – Implications for Governance and Decentralisation’, Discussion Paper, 103, National Research Institute, Papua New Guinea, 2007, iv + 24, and Public Policy in Papua New Guinea – Discussion Paper Series, 2006/5, State, Society and Governance in Melanesia, Australian National University, pp. 15.

-  revised and re-published in Contemporary PNG Studies:  DWU Research Journal, 6, May 2007, pp. 92-111, and Autonomy and Peace Review, 3 (1), January – March 2007, pp. 45-80

‘Meeting the challenges of peace-building and autonomy’, in B. Gomez (ed.), Papua New Guinea Yearbook 2007, The National and Cassowary Books, Port Moresby, 2007, pp. 98-113

(with Charles Hawksley), ‘South Pacific Diplomacy’, in Anne Cullen and Stuart Murray, eds, The Globalization of World Politics:  Case Studies from Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific, Oxford University Press, South Melbourne, 2007, pp. 57-59.

‘Authority, Community and Autonomy: the New Political Community in Bougainville’ in ibid., pp. 116-121
-  revised edn, 2008, pp. 118-123

‘Security, peace and development:  Reflections on connections, based on experience in Bougainville, Papua New Guinea’, Development Bulletin, 70, April 2006, pp. 55-59

 ‘Bougainville moves from peace making to peace building’, in B. Gomez (ed.), Papua New Guinea Yearbook 2006, The National and Cassowary Books, Port Moresby, 2006, pp. 99-104

 '‘International Peace Missions in Bougainville, Papua New Guinea, 1995-2005:  Host State Perspectives’, presented to the Regional Forum on Reinventing Government:  Exchange and Transfer of Innovations for Transparent Government and State Capacity, United Nations Public Administration Network, Nadi, Fiji, 20-22 February 2006.

Invited submission to Parliament of Australia, Senate, Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade, ‘Inquiry into Australia’s involvement in peacekeeping operations’, Submission 39

‘Introduction’, in Sir Paulias Matane, Time Traveller:  A journey through the heart of Papua New Guinea, Cassowary Books, Port Moresby, 2005, pp. 1-15
‘Viability and Challenges of Small States (with special regard to the implications  for the remaining non-self-governing territories in the Pacific’, South Pacific Journal of Philosophy and Culture, 8, 2004-2005, pp. 38-58

“Joint Creation”: The Bougainville Peace Agreement – and Beyond’,  in Andy Carl and Sr Lorraine Garasu, eds, ‘Weaving Consensus:  The Papua New Guinea – Bougainville Peace Process’, Accord, 12, 2002, pp. 44-49.

‘Foreign Relations’,  From ‘We, the People’ to Foreign Laws Increasing Fees’, in Anthony J. Regan, Owen Jessep and Eric L. Kwa, eds, Twenty Years of the Papua New Guinea Constitution, Lawbook Company, Pyrmont (NSW), 2001, pp. 272-284

‘Foreword’, in Sir Paulias Matane, Exploring South-East Asia, Vol. 2, Cassowary Books, Waigani (NCD, Papua New Guinea), 2001, pp. ix-xiv


CSM (Companion of the Order of the Star of Melanesia) ‘for services to constitutional development, tertiary education and public policy, including Bougainville peace and the development of foreign affairs’, 2007

Papua New Guinea 30th Independence Anniversary Medal, 2006

CMG (Companion of the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George), ‘for public service’, (Papua New Guinea list) 2002

Papua New Guinea Independence Medal, 1977

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