Greg MelleuishProfessor Gregory Melleuish

MA (Sydney), PhD (Macquarie)

Location: 19:2044
Telephone: +61 02 4221 4395

Greg Melleuish works both a political scientist and as a historian as well as having interests in religious studies. He has published seven single authored books, and published over eighty refereed journal articles and book chapters. He has been awarded three large ARC (Discovery) grants, being either sole CI or 1st named CI in all cases.

Greg has organised many conferences, workshops and symposia over the years from the V Gordon Childe centenary conference at the University of Queensland in 1990 to the recent conference on Universal History held by the Paul Piccone Telos Institute in New York in February 2015. Roundtable discussion for the conference>

In 2014 Greg reviewed the National History Curriculum for Schools as part of the National Curriculum Review conducted for the Commonwealth government. He has had a long involvement in matters related to the development of a National History curriculum, having written one of the papers for the 2006 Australian History Summit.

Greg teaches both History and Politics, including political theory, Australian politics, Ancient History and World History.

Greg also writes occasionally on contemporary political issues, largely in the Australian and The Conversation. 

Greg’s most recent book is Despotic State or Free Individual? Two Traditions of Democracy in Australia, Australian Scholarly Publishing 2014, and a collection he has edited on Liberalism and Conservatism in Australia, which includes essays by two of his postgraduate students, Zachary Gorman and Paul Brown, published by Connor Court in 2015.

Greg’s current research interests include the first major study of Australian conservatism which is funded by a Discovery Grant project. He is also completing a book with Dr Susanna Rizzo (Notre Dame) on The Post Secular and Post Secular History.  

Selected Publications:

External Grants:

  • Australian Research Council Grant (Discovery Grant), 2014-2016, Principal Investigator, Understanding Australian Conservatism $232,000. 
  • Australian Research Council Grant (Discovery Grant), 2005-2008, Principal Investigator with A R Buck (Macquarie University) Debating Democracy: Political Rhetoric in New South Wales 1856-1890 $113,928
  • National Council for the Centenary of Federation, 1999, ‘John West: Apostle of Federation’ $9,500. 
  • Liberalism to Fascism: The cases of Randolph Hughes, A R Chisholm and Carl Kaeppel" $62,000. 


  • 2014 Review of the Australian National History Curriculum, Commonwealth Department of Education $7,500 Paper delivered June 2014
  • 2006 Paper for National History Summit, Commonwealth Department of Education, $9,500

Single Authored Books:

  • Despotic State or Free Individual? Two Traditions of Democracy in Australia, Australian Scholarly Publishing 2014,
  • Australian Intellectuals Their strange history and pathological tendencies, Ballan, Connor Court Publishing, 2013
  • Is the West special? World History and Western Civilisation, Melbourne: Institute of Public Affairs, 2012.
  • The Power of Ideas: Essays on Australian History and Politics, Melbourne, Australian Scholarly Publishing, 2009
  • A Short History of Australian Liberalism, Sydney, Centre for Independent Studies, 2001
  • The Packaging of Australia, Sydney, UNSW Press, 1998
  • Cultural Liberalism in Australia, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1995

Book chapters (selected):

  • (with Stephen Chavura) ‘Utilitarianism contra Sectarianism: the Official and the Unauthorised Civic Religion of Australia,’ in William Coleman (ed), Only in Australia: The History, Politics and Economics of Australian Exceptionalism, Oxford University Press, 2016
  • ‘Sir Robert Menzies and Australian Education,’ in Nethercote J (ed) Menzies: the Shaping of Modern Australia, Connor Court, Brisbane, 2016
  • ‘Conservatism in Australia,’ in Melleuish (ed) Liberalism and Conservatsim, Connor Court, Ballarat, 2015
  • ‘Australian federalism’s chronic condition,’ Australian Political Essays 2014, Australian Scholarly Publishing, 2014.
  • ‘After the Fall: Standing in the Ruins of Liberal Education,’ in Luciano Boschiero (Ed) , On the Purpose of a University Education,  Australian Scholarly Publishing, Melbourne, 2013
  • ‘Cultural Citizenship: A World Historical Perspective,’ in W. Ommundsen, M. Leach and A. Vandenberg, (eds).  Cultural Citizenship and Globalisation, Creskill, New Jersey: Hampton Press, 2010.
  • ‘Colonial Government.’ in Oxford Companion to Australian Politics; Galligan, B. & Roberts, W., Eds.; 1 ed.; Oxford University Press: Melbourne, 2007
  • (with G Stokes) ‘Australian Political Thought’, in Oxford Companion to Australian Politics; Galligan, B. & Roberts, W., Eds.; 1 ed.; Oxford University Press: Melbourne, 2007
  • ‘The Clash of Civilisations: A Model of Historical Development?’ in Edward Tiryakian & Said Amir Arjomand (eds) Rethinking  Civilizational Analysis, London, Sage, 2004

Refereed journal articles (selected):

  • (With Sussana Rizzo) ‘Are Secular Politics Possible?’ Budhi, , Vol. 20 Issue 3, 2016, 22-56
  • ‘Australian Politics in the Australian Journal of Political Science: a review, Australian Journal of Political Science, 50 (4) 2015,719–734
  • ‘Anzac and Protestant Sectarianism: the case of the Rev C T Forscutt,’ St Mark’s Review, 231, 2015 58–68
  • (With Susanna Rizzo) ‘Limits of naturalism: Plasticity, Finitude and the Imagination,’ Cosmos & History. 2015, Vol. 11 Issue 1, 221-238.
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  • ‘Australian Universities: Bureaucracy, Scholasticism and the end of Beauty,’ Knowledge Cultures, vol. 3, issue 3, 2015, 123–43
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  • (With Susanna Rizzo)  ‘From Secular Temporality to Post-Secular Timelessness: Trekking the Past’s Future and Future’s Past,’ Telos,163, Summer 2013, 39–60
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Last reviewed: 6 March, 2019