Changes to the Bachelor of Arts

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Changes to the Bachelor of Arts

Are you looking to complete your degree in 2017?
A list of
8 credit point 300-level subjects is now available to assist you with your subject selections.

Will these changes affect me?

  • If you are graduating in 2015 or 2016 these changes will NOT affect you.
  • If you are graduating in 2017 there is a small chance that the changes MAY affect your studies.
  • If you are graduating in 2018 these changes WILL affect your studies. 

More information on how these changes may affect you are detailed below.

What are the changes and how do they affect my studies?

Changes are as follows: 

As of 2016
Course rules for the Bachelor of Arts will be implemented and will affect all NEW commencing students in 2016.

As of 2017
All 200 level subjects will be 6cp subjects.

As of 2018
All 300 level subjects will be 6cp subjects and a Capstone subject LHA301 will be introduced.

In short:

  • all subjects will move from 8cp to 6cp
  • students will study LHA101 (Introduction to Arts and the Humanities)
  • students will study a capstone subject LHA301
  • students will be required to do a second major or minor in their Bachelor of Arts degree 

Why are we changing the Bachelor of Arts?

We are transforming the curriculum in the Bachelor of Arts. The Bachelor of Arts will:

  • from 2017, progressively all subjects in the BA will change from 8cp subjects to 6cp subjects
  • meet new Government standards
  • embed best practice subject and course design principles
  • provide real world experience
  • ensure deeper learning within discipline areas    
  • deliver effective digital enhancements to support course delivery and evaluation 

The Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts (LHA) is also responding to student and employer feedback that we received as a part of the recent review of the BA. We have enhanced majors and minors and you still have the same opportunities to do another major from LHA or another Faculty. You will have the flexibility to do the subjects that you want to do and still get your degree, whilst enhancing your experience and employability. 

I am a currently enrolled student, what do these changes mean to me?

It is important to note that these changes are unlikely to affect anyone currently studying a Bachelor of Arts. The Faculty will work with students to address any questions or concerns. There is also a dedicated Academic staff member available for consultation to identify and resolve any issues. Simply contact LHA Central to make arrangements to meet the Academic Advisor. In addition, more detailed information will be provided to students later on in 2016 and the Faculty will identify currently enrolled students that may be impacted by the changes and will contact those students to organise a meeting and work through their program to ensure they complete on time.

Where do I go for further information/advice?

Contact LHA Central. Where required, LHA central staff will make an appointment for you with a specialist Bachelor of Arts, Academic Advisor.

Last reviewed: 25 October, 2016