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Changes to the Bachelor of Laws

The Bachelor of Laws degree will be changing from 2018. A transitional approach will be taken when implementing the changes, which means that this new degree structure will not apply to current students. 

Why are we changing the Bachelor of Laws (LLB)?

From 2018, the Bachelor of Laws will change in order to:

  • Progressively move all subjects in the LLB from 8 credit points subjects to 6 credit points subjects
  • Meet new Government standards
  • Embed new UOW best practice subject and course design principles
  • Provide a Capstone experience for students
  • Deliver effective digital enhancements to support course delivery and evaluation

What are the changes to the Bachelor of Laws?

  • A move from 8 credit point subjects to 6 credit points;
  • Consolidation of the existing suite of 5 smaller skills subjects into 2 larger 6 credit point subjects;
  • In some instances, the shifting of content between subjects to better reflect alignment with the Priestley descriptors, and a change to the subject sequencing of Constitutional Law and Administrative Law;
  • Introducing a more concentrated focus on statutory interpretation in first year;
  • Renaming of two subjects Lawyers and Australian Society to Ethics and Professional Responsibility; Legal Theory to Jurisprudence;
  • Introducing a Capstone experience (LLB3399 Law, Justice and Professional Practice); and
  • Revised Course Learning Outcomes, in particular, recognising the contextual learning and social justice values of the law school

When will the degree changes be implemented?

The new Bachelor of Laws course structure will take effect from 2018. All other students who commenced their degree prior to 2018 will continue with the former degree structure, from the year they enrolled.

Course rules for the Bachelor of Laws will be implemented and will affect all NEW commencing and transferring students in 2018. 100 level LLB subjects will change from 8 credit points to 6 credit points; 200 level from 2019 and 300 level from 2020.

Where do I go for further information/advice?

Have you read the FAQs?

For further questions please contact LHA Central. Where required, LHA central staff will make an appointment for you with the Head of Students.

Building 19, Level 1
Monday – Friday, 9am - 5pm
Phone: (02) 4221 3456
Email: lha-enquiries@uow.edu.au

Last reviewed: 28 July, 2017