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8-6 credit point Transition Subject Information

If you are looking to complete one of the following degrees in 2018 or you’re having trouble finding available subjects, please use the lists below to assist you.

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of International Studies
  • Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies
  • Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics
  • Double degrees including one of the above

LHA 300-level 8-6 credit points subject code changes

LHA 200-level 8-6 credit points subject code changes

Completing your Studies

Please remember to refer to the online Course Handbook for the year you started your degree for specific requirements you need to successfully complete.

Note: Do not refer to the 2018 online course handbook as this is for new students who started in 2018 only.


Please contact LHA Central:

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Ph: 02 4221 3456
Email: lha-enquiries@uow.edu.au


Last reviewed: 23 November, 2017