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Tutorial Enrolment

Tutorials = Seminars, practicals, tutorials, workshops, studios, computer labs etc.

Groups and opening times will appear in SOLS a couple of weeks prior to the opening date. Click on the dates below to view subject details and opening times (if available).

Unit Subjects Autumn Spring Summer 



23 Feb 2017, 20:22
20 Feb 2017, 19:14

19 Jul 2017, TBA


Humanities and
Social Inquiry

100 level

23 Feb 2017

20 Jul 2017

29 Nov 2017

Other subjects

13 & 15 Feb 2017

11 & 12 Jul 2017

29 Nov 2017


100 level LLB
100 level LAW

*First year students refer below
20 Feb 2017

17 July 2017


Other LLB subjects 
Other LAW subjects

Trimester 1

Sydney Campus
Wollongong Campus


13 Feb 2017
13 Feb 2017


 3 Feb 2017
 3 Feb 2017


10 July 2017

20 Nov 2017

The Arts, English
and Media

100 level

20 Feb 2017, 19:00

17 July 2017, 19:00

20 Nov 2017

Other subjects

9 Feb 2017, 19:00

13 July 2017, 19:00


* First year Law students will be allocated classes and are not required to enrol in tutorials/ seminars online (autumn session only)

Academic and Professional Staff of the Faculty are not able to enrol you into tutorials/seminars.

Please Note:

  1. You must be enrolled in a subject before you can enrol into a tutorial.  
  2. A “provisional” enrolment status in the subject will still allow you to enrol in the tutorial.
  3. The online tutorial enrolment system operates on a "first-in" basis.
  4. You will only be able to enrol in ONE tutorial for each subject.  However, if a subject has more than one tutorial that you must attend (ie.Tutorial A, Tutorial B), you must enrol in one of each.
  5. If you wish to change to another tutorial group, you must first withdraw from the tutorial you are currently enrolled in.
  6. Once you have enrolled in your tutorials you can view your selection in SOLS. 


Didn't Get the Tutorial of Your Choice?

You may be able to swap with another student! Check out LHA Tutorial Swap  for step-by-step instructions.

Not all subjects are eligible for Tutorial Swap. Refer to the subject Moodle site for details.

Need Help?

Check out SOLS - Online Tutorial System for information on how to enrol.

Faculty specific enquiries can be directed to LHA Central.

Last reviewed: 20 November, 2017