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LHA Assignment Cover Sheets

Submissions to LHA Central (personalised with barcode)

In class submissions (standard coversheet)

When should I use the Assignment Collection System?

If you're submitting an assignment to LHA Central - 19, you must use the Assignment Collection System (Barcode). Standard (or PDF) cover sheets can be only be used for in class submissions.

How do I use the barcode system?

  1. Login using your UOW student username and password.
  2. Select the relevant submission (subject) by clicking the radio button to the left of the 'Subject Number'.
  3. Click on the “Tuts” button and select your tutorial.
  4. Enter your personal details. You will not be able to edit ‘Tutor’s Name’, ‘Tutorial Details’ and ‘Tutor Group Number’.
  5. Click on 'Display My Cover Sheet' and print out your unique cover sheet.
  6. Take your assignment to LHA Central where it will be scanned and submitted.
  7. A receipt will be emailed to your UOW account showing your submission details.

Having Problems Accessing the System?

If you have any difficulty accessing the new Assignment Collection System links above from home then you may be using an older version of a web browser that does not currently support the recently updated UOW website.

The best way around this is to download the latest version of Google Chrome.

The latest version of Google Chrome is FREE to download and also includes Adobe Flash which will provide you with greater access. 

Last reviewed: 1 August, 2018