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Published: 2 February, 2007

A Curious Intimacy

By Jessica White

February 2007

In 1999 Jessica White completed a Bachelor of Creative Arts/Bachelor of Arts with the University of Wollongong, majoring in Creative Writing with the School of Journalism & Creative Writing. She is currently working on a PHD with the London Consortium (University of London) on written communication between England & Australia.

In January 2007, Viking (Penguin Australia) published her first book in paperback A Curious Intimacy. Set in the 1870’s, Jessica’s novel is a story about love, resilience, independence and the courage of extraordinary women living in a difficult time.

“In the 1870s two remarkable women meet in a remote country town in Western Australia. Ingrid is a botanist, fiercely independent and travelling alone as she collects botanical specimens. She's also trying to out-run a broken heart after her lover was forced to marry. Ingrid puts her own troubles aside on meeting Ellyn, a young woman living in stark isolation, and driven close to madness by the death of her baby daughter. Ellyn's husband is away indefinitely and she's had no word from him, while the small community has turned its back on her because of her 'unseemly' grieving. When the two women meet, they forge a bond that grows ever deeper. But can their intimacy find acceptance in their conventional world? A Curious Intimacy is a sensual and surprising novel about love and the sacrifices we make in the name of it.”
Published: 2 February, 2007