Courses and Study Areas

The School of The Arts, English & Media is an interchangeable world of emerging creative expression and output. Our graduates continue to mark their mark on the fastest growing sector of economy worldwide. Our artists are writers, musicians, actors, performers, photographers and new-media practitioners, culminating in a mecca of inventive talent within the heart of Wollongong exploring arts in a contemporary context. Are you one of them?

Creative Writing

Creative Writing encourages you to look beyond the individual forms of writing, and to analyse the effects of writing. 

Digital Media/ Media Arts

Digital Media is focussed on digital production and the rapidly evolving technologies that create a vibrant environment for innovative creative practice.

Dean's Scholar

The Dean's Scholar program rewards high-achieving students with a suite of benefits including an academic mentor and materials/textbook allowance.


We will introduce you to a broad range of literary texts drawn from various periods.  You will analyse what you read and articulate your response with critical thinking and cultural sensitivity.


Our Honours programs provide an opportunity to further develop established theoretical and practical skills gained during our undergraduate course. 

Media, Communications and Journalism

Be equipped to work in the fast pace of today’s media and communications industries. Learn to comment, intervene and make sense of current affairs. 


Embrace a world of contemporary music possibilities while gaining practical skills in composition, performance and production.

Performance and Theatre

You will be trained to be versatile, highly skilled and self-reliant theatre practitioners in both traditional and contemporary art forms. Enhance your understanding of workshop and rehearsal practices, as well as stagecraft in both performance and technical production.

Visual Arts, Graphic Design and Photography

Combine traditional forms of artist production with emerging contemporary developments. We will equip you with the technical, conceptual and theoretical skills to embark on careers as practising artists.

Last reviewed: 25 September, 2017