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2012 Conferences and Workshops

Conference: Engaging Men in Building Gender Equality

The Centre for Research on Men and Masculinities, University of Wollongong,
Date: November 28-30, 2012.

UPDATE: 19 October

The conference program is taking shape. The following national and international keynote speakers will address the event:

  • Jeff Hearn – Uses and abuses of the political category of “men” in activism, policy and theorising
  • Bob Pease – Disengaging Men from Patriarchy: Rethinking the Man Question in Masculinity Studies
  • Christine Beasley – Caution! Hazards Ahead: Considering the potential theory/practice gap between men/masculinities theorising and practical pro-feminist interventions
  • James Lang – Title TBA

Other presentations to be offered include:

  • Mining With(out) Masculinity: Gender and sexuality in the mining industry
  • The Journey To Engage Men In Ending Violence Against Women In Nusa Tenggara Indonesia
  • We di uman dem (We the women): Men supporting gender equality in post-war Sierra Leone
  • Engaging Boys in Building Gender Equality: Reflections from primary school research
  • Male kindergarten teacher assistants’ perceptions of caring practice: moving away from the misery rationale to build gender equality in childcare education
  • Engaging men in the struggle to eliminate Violence Against Women (Cameroon)
  • Fatherhood and gender equality: lessons from experiences of absent fathers in Gauteng, South Africa
  • Male caregivers’ caring work in forensic psychiatric care 
  • Gender Storm: News media coverage of Witterick and Stocker and their child with ‘no gender’
  • Men's Involvement in Reproductive Health: An Indonesian Muslims contexts
  • “We’ve got to break down the shame”: Critiquing portrayals of men’s disparate mental health outcomes in news media
  • “Nothing is clear now”: Negotiating equality and colonialism through the lives of twelve Acehnese men”
  • Men and Caring: Towards ecological masculinism
  • “The Problem Is That He’s A Man, Not That He’s Bisexual”: bi men by women
  • The Social Construction of Men as Caring Fathers – Implications for Gender Equality
  • Gendering Change – how to engage men with women in building gender equality in masculinist workplaces
  • The Violence Prevention Gender Audit Tool – a tool for examining men’s engagement in preventing violence against women
  • “No Man is Allowed to be Vulnerable”: Fitting the Rape of Men in Armed Conflict into Feminist Analysis of Wartime Sexual Violence 

Please do register for the event as soon as you can, as places are filling. We look forward to seeing you in four weeks’ time.


The Centre for Research on Men and Masculinities (CROMM) is hosting a two-day conference titled Engaging Men in Building Gender Equality. The conference focuses on and seeks to advance efforts to address men’s roles in building gender equality.

Please see the bottom of this page for details regarding presentations and registration.

The conference will encourage dialogue between critical and feminist scholarship on men and masculinities on the one hand, and programming and practice addressing men on the other, to explore how each may extend the other. The event addresses local and international programs and policies that work to change men’s behaviours, identities and relations, with regard to such fields as men’s violence against women, parenting, sexual and reproductive health, and HIV/AIDS. The conference will include scholarly assessments and evaluations of such efforts, discussions of the politics and problems of these fields, and direct training for advocates and educators.

The conference will be held on November 28-30 2012, on the campus of the University of Wollongong. The event will commence with a social event on the evening of Wednesday 28th, with the conference sessions then running over the Thursday 29th and Friday 30th.

The conference is designed to engage a variety of stakeholders, including governments, international organisations, and community agencies in both Australia and around the Asia-Pacific region working to involve men in building gender equality. The event will include a mix of presentations and workshops by researchers, advocates, educators, and others.

Conference approach and objectives

The conference takes a broad approach to efforts to involve men in building gender equality. First, it addresses efforts to involve men in building gender equality in relation to such diverse fields as men’s violence against women, parenting, sexual and reproductive health, and HIV/AIDS. Second, the conference addresses a wide range of strategies, from community education and mobilisation to policies and planning. Third, the conference has a regional focus, with attention both to efforts in Australia and those elsewhere in the Asia-Pacific region.

To achieve its aim, the conference has the following objectives:

  • Assess existing efforts to involve men in building gender equality;
  • Explore the strategic and political challenges and dilemmas of such work;
  • Link programs and policies regarding men and gender to critical scholarship on men and masculinities, examining how each may extend the other;
  • Provide direct training for advocates and educators;
  • Generate media attention and community awareness.


Participants will include researchers, advocates, educators, professionals, and others from universities, governments, local and international organisations, and community agencies.

Call for Papers

You are most welcome to participate in and present at the conference. Your presentation may take a variety of forms: a formal talk, a participatory workshop, a theoretical discussion or a training exercise. Please see HERE for further details regarding the Call for Papers.

We welcome your suggestions regarding other content or processes for the event, including entertainment (performance, music, film, and so on).


Registrations must be received by October 26. Registrations by October 19 will receive an ‘early bird’ discount.

Rates are as follows:

·  Unwaged, by October 19: $90

·  Unwaged, after October 19: $110

·  Waged, by October 19: $220

·  Waged, after October 19: $250

·  One-day registration, unwaged $65, waged $140.

Please click here to register.

For information on travel to and around the University of Wollongong, and on accommodation in Wollongong, please consult these two information sheets on travel and accommodation.

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