In short

The Centre for Research on Men and Masculinities (CROMM) is intended to advance the critical study of men and masculinities.

The Centre for Research on Men and Masculinities has three objectives: (1) To foster research collaborations among a critical mass of scholars both within and outside the University of Wollongong; (2) To build international research collaborations in selected areas of scholarship; and (3) To function as a hub for masculinities-related research around Australia.


The Centre for Research on Men and Masculinities capitalises on the emergence of a rapidly expanding body of scholarship on men, masculinities, and gender, as well as Australian government support for knowledge creation and policy development about men. Currently the scholarship on men, masculinities, and gender is well established, as evidenced by four specialised journals on men and masculinities, four encyclopedias or handbooks, two very large bibliographies, and a wide range of articles and books (including, for example, over 3,000 articles in Sociological Abstracts listing ‘masculinity’ or ‘masculinities’ as a key word). Scholars in Australia have been at the leading edge of this work, and four academic conferences on men, masculinities, and gender have been held in Australia since 1991. However, while there is substantial research activity around men and masculinities, in Australia currently there is no network or centre devoted to this field.

The governing aim of the Centre for Research on Men and Masculinities is to advance the critical study of men and masculinities and provide an interdisciplinary centralised focus for initiating, developing and sustaining research on and about men and masculinities through engagement with internal and external researchers and research centres.

CROMM locates itself primarily within the overlapping fields of Women’s and Gender Studies and Sexuality and Queer Studies and as an advocate for feminist scholarship. CROMM’s research will contribute to scholarship in these fields and to social theory more generally.

CROMM will involve the establishment of national and international research collaborations in three thematic areas of scholarship on men and gender which are of particular importance: men and gender equality, men’s violence and health, and theories of men and gender. Each thematic area is discussed in greater detail under “CROMM Research” below.

CROMM aims to function as the pre-eminent centre for masculinities-related research in Australia. Its events will showcase innovative research in this field, leading to publications, its listserv and website will foster networking and exchange among scholars, and the Centre will support funding applications to the ARC and elsewhere.

Last reviewed: 9 February, 2011