Courses & Study Areas 

The School of Humanities and Social Inquiry develops curious minds that succeed by investigating ideas and concepts to understand the world and transform it.  Our graduates have the skills identified by employers as the most important things they are looking for when hiring graduates – communication, problem solving, project management and the ability to find out about the past, the present and possible futures. 

Community, Culture & Environment  

This major will challenge you to think outside traditional disciplinary boundaries. 

Cultural Studies  

An innovative interdisciplinary field of enquiry that explores the production and learning of maps of meaning, or cultures, with a particular concern for the operations of power in everyday practice. 


 Understand and interpret the past by bringing together both facts and moral judgments to analyse the background of contemporary society.


An Honours year can provide you with a competitive edge in your chosen profession.  It also provides a gateway for postgraduate research programs if you wish to pursue a Masters by Research or PhD in the future. 

Indigenous Studies 

Gain an understanding of the Indigenous Australian perspective on society, cultural and history. 

International Studies 

Examine the relationships of politics, society, culture, language and history in a range of countries and in their international and global dimensions.


Boost your employability in a globalised economy with our wide range of language courses including Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese and Spanish.


Examine questions like… Do human beings have free will? Is the mind distinct from our physical constitution? Is mortality a matter of opinion?  


Investigate key areas of politics such as international relations, Australian politics, political theory and politics in developing nations.   

Science and Technology Studies  

Study the origin, nature and social impact of science, technology and medicine to solve the problems that come with technological change.  


For students interested in the study of human society and social organisation.  

Last reviewed: 9 October, 2017